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By Matthew Guay - Published July 13, 2016 -

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If you've read each tutorial in The Ultimate Guide to Google Sheets, you're ready to do almost anything you want with your spreadsheets. But sometimes, you'll still want a little extra advice and help.

For that, here are some of the best resources to help you continue learning about spreadsheets and use them alongside other apps for a powerful business workflow.

Google Sheets' Getting Started Guide

Google Sheets Getting Started Guide

It's simple and basic, but it's the official Google Sheets documentation, and it'll answer any questions you have about your spreadsheets and other Google Docs tools.

Best of all, it's built into Google Sheets. If you ever get stuck in your spreadsheets, just click Help -> Sheets Help to open a floating pane with this documentation right inside your spreadsheets.

Google Sheets' Functions List

Google Sheets function list

Looking for a specific function you can't quite remember? This is the tool for you. It's a complete list of every function in Google Sheets, complete with a search field and filters to drill down and find the type of function you need.

Each function includes its own documentation page, too, with examples to help you start using the function quickly.

Google Sheets' Add-ons Guide

Google Add-ons Guide

Want to build more advanced add-ons? Google has Apps Script guides to help you build Forms and Sheets add-ons like the ones you built in chapter 7.

The first tutorials help you get customized notifications from Google Forms, read data from a spreadsheet, and build custom menu items in Google Sheets.

Find Alternate Spreadsheet Apps


Want to try out some other spreadsheet apps—either for more features than Google Sheets offers, or for better ways to make stylish sheets?

We've tried out the best spreadsheet apps available today, with a mix of web and native tools that you can use to crunch numbers. There's even an online version of VisiCalc, to see where it all started.

Create Templates for Your Most-Used Spreadsheets

document templates

Tired of re-typing the same things over and over? This tutorial will teach you how to make templates for anything you need, with sections on templated documents, spreadsheets, projects, and much more.

Effectively Organize Your Files and Folders

Organize files

Now that you're making spreadsheets for everything, you'll need to keep them organized. In this Zapier guide, you'll learn the best strategies for organizing your files and folders.

Whether you're storing your spreadsheets on your computer or just need to keep track of them in Google Drive, the tips here will make sure you never lose a spreadsheet—or any other file—again.

Back up All Your Files

back up Google Drive

You'll also want to make sure you have a backup of all your spreadsheets and other files, to make sure you never lose anything important. In our backup guide, you'll learn how to export all of your files from Google Drive and other web apps, and how to create a full online backup of everything from your apps and devices.

Learn how to Build Great Forms and Surveys

Ultimate Guide to Forms and Surveys

Ready to dig into another book? Our Ultimate Guide to Forms and Surveys will help you get the most out of Google Forms by teaching you how to create effective forms, write unbiased questions in surveys, and use forms to build apps for your business.

Or, check out the other books in the Zapier Learning Center for quick ways to learn about email marketing, CRMs, remote work, and much more.

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