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Articles tagged "Marketing"

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The logos for Facebook and Google Sheets.

Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets

Connect Facebook Lead Ads to Google Sheets and automatically create a leads database.

By Kaylee Moser

5 min read

Hero image for app comparisons with the ActiveCampaign logo on a blue background and the Mailchimp logo on a yellow background

ActiveCampaign vs. Mailchimp

By Kristina Lauren

7 min read


How this marketing company tracks lead data for clients in real time

Discover how Sixth City Marketing uses automation to keep data up-to-date for client check-in calls at a moment's notice

By Ellie Huizenga

2 min read

A hero image with a screenshot of the HubSpot Academy Content Marketing course landing page

Is HubSpot certification worth it?

Here's what a HubSpot certification did—and didn't do—for one freelance marketer.

By Maria Bell

5 min read

A hero image for Reddit app tips, with the Reddit logo on a red background

Reddit marketing: How to get it right (and wrong)

Reddit can be a gold mine for brands, but it can also be absolutely brutal if you dive in without learning the ropes.

By Danielle Antosz

6 min read

The logos for Klaviyo, QuickBooks, LeadPages, and Square.

By Ana Gotter

3 min read

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