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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated April 20, 2018

When you think of a form, the first thing that likely comes to mind are the incredibly confusing and time-consuming forms for taxes, university and visa applications, and more. There are simpler forms like contact forms on websites and signup forms for loyalty cards, but they're still far from fun.

And yet, Typeform aims to make forms fun and whimsical, so much so that you'll want to fill them out. They've decided forms can be everything from standard contact and signup forms all the way to interactive menus and digital story books, not a prison sentence for text and blank fields.

Making a form in Typeform isn't so much different from making a form in any other app—but it's enough different that you'll likely make forms in less time here than in other form builders. The newly redesigned Typeform editor lets you drag-and-drop form fields into the spots you want, then type in text and options much like you would in a text editor. Instead of having to fill in form fields to make a form, it's more like outlining your thoughts.

Then it's in using Typeform forms that the difference is so apparent. Be sure to try out one of Typeform's example forms to get a feel for how they work. You'll see one question at a time, with each answer or text field large enough to easily tap it on a mobile device. They'll also be accompanied by letters, which you can tap on your keyboard to quickly fill out the form from your computer without ever touching your mouse. It's a form that's easier to fill out both on newer phones and tablets and traditional computers.

It's this one-question-at-a-time with large button and text design that makes Typeform forms so unique. They make contact and application forms that are easy to fill out, but they also let you make far more creative "forms" that are more like interactive applications. Each multiple choice answer can include images, making them more like an app interface, and you can add text with images, pictures, or GIFs to include extra content in your form. And, with a pro account, you can add logic to your forms, to direct people to different questions or content based on what they chose in previous answers.

These features let schools make interactive quizzes and educational apps without any coding, or enable restaurants to make a visual order form without any special software. You can even use calculations in fields to add up the total price of an order, then charge your customers directly in your form using Typeform's Stripe integration.

Building forms into your website or app? Typeform.io lets you make Typeform forms in code then access the responses through their API. Developers can speed up making forms and customizing from a base template, while still taking advantage of the Typeform form design and layout. And for everyone else, the traditional editor gives you the power to make whatever type of form-driven interface you want, with zero coding—one that lets you collaborate on forms with your entire team.

Once you've built your forms, you'll want to put the results to work. In Typeform, it's easier to find the results you need than in most apps. You can view a spreadsheet-style list of all your form responses, or can check each question for the most recent answers to it for an easy way to grab the most important data. You can also dig into the stats behind your survey to see how often it was filled out on mobile or which questions get answered the most.

If you want to make forms that work great on mobile, and let you make unique forms with images, large buttons and more, Typeform is a great option to consider. It's one of the few ways to make your forms fun.

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Originally published February 26, 2015; updated April 20, 2018 with new pricing, features, and screenshots

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Typeform Features

  • Unique form interface that only shows one question to respondents at a time
  • Mobile and keyboard shortcut friendly to fill in forms easier
  • Include images, videos, and rich text in forms
  • Enter form questions with plain text
  • Use images as buttons for interactive forms
  • Add logic jumps, payment fields, and more with Pro plans

Typeform Pricing

  • Free Basic plan for 10 fields per form and 100 total responses per month
  • $35/month Pro plan for 1 user, unlimited form fields and responses with custom endings, branching, calculated fields, payment fields, and file uploads
  • from $70/month Pro+ plan for 1 user and Pro features with multi-user collaboration, priority support, custom branding, redirect viewers on submission, webhooks, and options to purchase additional seats

Annual pricing available from $30/59 per month, respectively

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