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Making your first survey shouldn't be too difficult, either. The dashboard includes tips on how to make a successful survey, which are worth reading through before you click the green Create Survey button. Once you do that, you can use a pre-made template or a copy of an older survey you've made to start, or make your new survey from scratch.

Here's where you'll first see how many features SurveyMonkey includes. There's all the question types you'd expect—including multiple choice, dropdown, and text boxes—along with more advanced options like a matrix of dropdown menus and a Net Promoter score tool. Or, if you'd rather not have to think of what to ask in your survey, there's a Question Bank with hundreds of pre-made questions from SurveyMonkey and the community that are worded to get valid, non-biased responses.

SurveyMonkey's wide userbase—which you'll first notice from that question bank—is one of the best reasons to choose the app, as you can use the aggregate data it's accumulated to compare your own surveys and see how you're doing with SurveyMonkey Benchmarks. Just opt-in to sharing data, select a category for your survey as you're making it, and you can get insights on your answer performance and ways to improve your survey from SurveyMonkey's data. You can even use its Net Promoter score to rate how much people like your company, and compare it to SurveyMonkey's own data, or use its analysis tools to see how likely your questions are to be answered.

Getting people to fill out your survey is easy, too. You can share your survey with a link or by email, embed it in Facebook or your site, or export the survey as a PDF, print it, then import the offline entries later. Or you can use SurveyMonkey's audience to help answer market research questions if you don't already have your own audience to survey. Either way, your data will be pulled together into reports that make it easy to make sense of your data. Its online dashboards will show quick results, and you can export those as PDF documents or PowerPoint presentations to showcase what you've learned.

For a survey app that's likely to be your first choice when you need a free, simple way to make surveys, SurveyMonkey also includes the advanced tools you'd expect to make professional surveys. Survey tools—like form builders—all generally do a similar job, so it's the extra community and survey question analysis tools that help make SurveyMonkey a standout option.

Originally published April 28, 2015; updated June 13, 2018 with new screenshots and details

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