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Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated December 11, 2015

Transcribing audio is tough, time consuming work. But whether you're a student transcribing lecture notes, a journalist writing up your on-the-field audio notes and interview recordings, or a business wanting searchable records of everything you talk about in weekly meetings, transcription is a necessity.

It just might not be something you or your team have to do on your own—and you don't even have to find a transcription service. Instead, you can use Rev, a transcription service and app that makes it simple to turn your audio recordings and videos into text documents without any effort.

Rev essentially is a transcription and translation service. Give them an audio file, and they'll transcribe it into a Word document. Send in a video, and they can transcribe the audio, make FCC compliant captions, or translate your video and make subtitles. Or, upload a document, and you can get it translated to or from English into over 30 other languages—complete with certified translations, if needed. Each of those services offer a quick turnaround time, consistent pricing that's easy to estimate for your project, and a quality guarantee that lets you get revisions to your copy if needed.

Then, there's the Rev app which makes it different from other transcribing and translation services. You can upload your audio and video files in a variety of formats from the Rev website, add a link to the file online, or record audio right from Rev's mobile apps and send it off for transcription automatically. You could even use Rev's Zapier integration to automatically get audio and video transcribed and captioned just by adding it to Dropbox or another app of your choice.

Once your transcribe is ready, Rev sends your data back in the format you need. Transcribed audio and translated documents come back in a Word .docx file, while captions and subtitles can be received in the format you need: .txt, .xml, .srt, or any other popular subtitle file. Rev will email you a link to the files when they're finished, or you can have Zapier copy your transcribe over to the app you want automatically. You can also re-download your transcribe and the original audio or video files from Rev's site anytime. And if anything's wrong with your copy, you can rate the transcriber and request a correction from Rev, to get the text you need.

So, next time you sit down to transcribe a call but don't really have the time to do the job well, Rev just might be the app for you. It's team of transcribe and translation professionals that, together with Rev's app, make it easier than ever to get your audio turned into text, and your text turned into another language.

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Rev Features

  • Upload audio, video, or document files for quick transcribing and translation
  • Transcriptions sent in Microsoft Word format
  • Translation from over 30 languages into/from English, with certified translation available
  • FCC compliant video caption transcription
  • iOS and Android apps available

Rev Pricing

  • $1/minute Transcription of spoken audio or video
  • $1/minute Caption transcription for video
  • $7.50/minute Subtitle transcription and translation for foreign language subtitles in English videos
  • $0.10/word Translation service to translate to/from English

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