Share RescueTime alerts on Twitter

Make sure you stay on track with this RescueTime to Twitter automation. Once set up, with every new alert in RescueTime, Zapier automatically posts a new tweet in Twitter. Now you'll be sure to keep working so RescueTime won't tell the world you're slacking off.

How It Works

  1. Get a new alert in RescueTime
  2. Zapier creates a new tweet in Twitter

What You Need

  • RescueTime account
  • Twitter account
Share RescueTime alerts on Twitter
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RescueTime helps you understand how you spend your time on the computer by automatically keeping a log of the time you spend on different applications and websites. Having an accurate idea of how you time is spent makes it easy to stay productive and balanced.

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Twitter is the social network that shows what's happening around the world in real time. Share your ideas in Tweets, follow hashtags to keep up with trends, and join in the global conversation.

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