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You'll likely want to start out by making a landing page for your new products. You can pull one together with Ontraport's templates and editors that make it as easy to make a website as designing a new PowerPoint slide. Just add the elements you want to your page, tweak the text, graphics, and branding to fit your company, and publish the page. Most pages are designed as funnels to capture leads, with a form that'll automatically save each new contact back to Ontraport's built in CRM. Already have your own website or blog? You can tie that in with Ontraport's WordPress integration, which lets you use Ontraport pages inside your WordPress site to add subscribers and turn your blog visitors into potential customers. Or, you can use Ontraport integrations to add new contacts from your other forms into your database.

Then, it's time to start marketing to those people. Ontraport's campaign builder lets you build automatic workflows to take action on your new contacts. It can send drip emails and SMS messages, or mail them a postcard. Or, it could add your team a task, or do some task on its own inside Ontraport like add a new tag, put them on a new sequence, and more. Those actions can run automatically, waiting the amount of time you set after the contact was added to that sequence. Or, they can be action based, so when someone opens an email they then get added to a different sequence, for instance. With the campaign builder, you can create customer journeys that send the perfect message to people right when it'll make the most impact.

At each step of the way, you'll use Ontraport's tools to design emails, save task reminders, and build new landing pages. The editor to make the item will open when you need it—and then it'll send you back to the previous page so you can finish setting up the sequence when you're done. Want to test something, perhaps to see if different wording would work better in a message? Just tap the A/B tab beside an email, SMS, or landing page, and you can add a new version to test right inside your sequence editor.

Then, just sit back and let Ontraport work its magic. When new contacts hit your landing page and fill out your forms, it'll send marketing messages and assign tasks to your team automatically. You'll be able to check your stats and build reports, see what's working, tweak what's not, and stay focused on your core business without wasting time on marketing. That's Ontraport's job.

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Originally published February 17, 2017; updated December 12, 2017 with new features.

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