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Microsoft Exchange Server is installed directly in your on-premises organization. This requires an IT team that's competent and able to ensure that all elements, from network to hardware and software, are compatible with the version you wish to deploy. Once installed, your IT team can then focus on the maintenance side of things, which might include anything from patches and updates to creating integrations with other programs in your network.

Despite the high level of control you get with Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft Exchange Online continues to gain popularity as the easier version to deploy and maintain. Since Microsoft controls the data centers and system performance, your team is freed up to work within the network, instead of on it. Adding a new mailbox, for example, is as simple as clicking the Add button inside your admin dashboard. You can decide whether the email address belongs to an individual or if it should be a group address (like the standard info@ or support@ addresses, which multiple team members should be able to access, read, and send from simultaneously). Roles and permissions can also be assigned by groups (preferred for ease of maintenance) or on an individual basis.

As an administrator, you not only get to use all of the mail and calendar features available with Microsoft Exchange Online, but you can also dive deeper and view important performance metrics, like whether an email has reached its intended destination or not. Access to this information is helpful for your IT team to monitor usage and maintain security compliance for your entire network.

All in all, Microsoft Exchange is a powerful solution for your email and calendaring requirements, whether you're leaning towards the Server or Online version.

The benefit of using the Exchange Server version is that your IT team has full control over the software and can optimize for whatever specialized needs you have, whether that's high-volume email sending, a secure intranet environment for your business, or a simple need to control where your information is being housed. If, on the other hand, you want to reduce the amount of time spent on maintenance, upgrades, and server monitoring, you might choose to work with the cloud version. Not only does it provide secure cloud email hosting, but you can also link up your Office 365 account for easier access to all of your most important communication tools.

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Microsoft Exchange Pricing

  • $4.00/user/month (paid annually) for Exchange Online Plan 1, with a 50GB inbox limit.

  • $8.00/user/month (paid annually) for Exchange Online Plan 2, with unlimited email storage, hosted voicemail, and data loss prevention.

  • $12.50/user/month (paid annually) for Exchange Online Plan 1 bundled with Office 365.

  • Exchange Server pricing varies depending on the license type and software version.

Microsoft Exchange Features

  • Choose a hosted (Exchange Online) or on-premises (Exchange Server) server for your email and calendar.

  • Send and receive emails, and create shared emails and folders for multiple team members to access simultaneously.

  • Utilize the global address list to easily connect with anyone in your organization.

  • Use the smart calendar features to quickly add meetings, travel dates, and other events to your daily schedule.

  • Monitor and audit your emails for better deliverability and troubleshooting.

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Microsoft Exchange Updates

New for Our Microsoft Exchange Integration: Update Contacts and File Attachment Support for Emails

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