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Inbound Now is a marketing automation app that runs inside your WordPress install. You'll install it just like most other WordPress extensions, with a free download and a couple clicks. It'll start monitoring your site automatically, giving you data on who's visiting your site and what's drawing the most people.

The CRM part of Inbound Now will start gathering leads from your site, via your landing pages and forms. Once someone's lead info is recorded, it'll watch which parts of your site they've seen and let you queue up automated messages they'll see to prompt them to buy or lead them through their discovery of your offerings.

There's also the A/B testing tools in Inbound Now that'll let you see what works the best with your audience. You'll make pages in WordPress as normal, or use the Inbound Now designer to create custom lead generation forms, and then make various iterations on them that you'd like to test. You'll get the data on which one performs best, and then be able to set it as the default.

Then, there's the wealth of plugins that can make Inbound Now so much more. You'll pay around $20-40 for most plugins and templates, which can help your Inbound Now install connect with more apps, display notifications, or have more customizable landing pages and CTA buttons. Or, with a paid plan, you'll be able to use as many subscriptions as you want. Then, if you want to send automated marketing emails and do other marketing automation tasks, a Professional or higher plan will unlock those features for your site.

You can also use its custom landing page templates to make landing pages with tried-and-true designs that'll convert better. There's everything from countdown pages until you launch a new product to mobile-centric form pages to gather leads. And if you want to go further, you can extend Inbound Now on your own with the same dev tools you'd use with the rest of WordPress.

Inbound Now is the ideal CRM if you're already using WordPress to power your site, and you want to keep everything under one roof. You'll get the data you need to improve your site and convert your visitors into customers at the same time. And since it's free to get started with, you won't lose anything just trying it out.

Updated 29 Feb 2016 with info about Inbound Now's new pricing plans.

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