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I Done This is an email powered app, something you can use without installing anything new. Just setup your account, then every evening I Done This will send you an email asking what you've done that day. Just reply right from your inbox, listing each thing you've accomplished, then hit send.

The following morning, when you check your email, I Done This will be there again, with an email that outlines everything your whole team has done. It's an auto-generated team report that gives you a quick insight to what's going on across your company.

Want to keep track of more details about the stuff you've accomplished? Add tags to your completed tasks with a hashtag, perhaps logging tasks by task like #email or by #project. Then, it's time to open the I Done This app, where you'll have a full log of everything you've ever completed. Click the Tag tab, and you can see your dones sorted by tag, for a quick look at all the things you've done on #project so far. Or, you could just search for any word in all of your done tasks to drill in.

For teams, I Done This is also an internal social network of sorts. Switch over to your team page, and you can see everything your team has accomplished. Each post has a like button and comments box, so you can give feedback to your team members, congratulate them on jobs done well, and help them out where they may be stuck. You can even mention other team members with a Twitter-style @name, to loop in others who helped complete the task, say. It's a tiny, simple way to keep your team working together.

I Done This' most important feature, though, may just be that it doesn't require you to use a new app. All you have to do is reply to an email, and you'll have an auto-generated report on what's happening in your team. It's a simple way to always know what everyone's doing.

I Done This Resources:

  • Get started quickly with the 1 minute guide to I Done This.

  • Add dones from terminal with the I Done This CLI app.

  • Use I Done This to learn along with the rest of your team—here's how.

Originally published 29 January 2016; Updated 7 October 2016 to change the app's spelling from iDoneThis to I Done This.

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I Done This Pricing

  • $5/month Basic plan for core reporting features

  • $12.50/month per user Standard plan for advanced reporting and 3 free integrations

  • $25/month per user Plus plan for unlimited archive and integrations, with 24/7 support

  • $40/month per user Enterprise for enterprise reporting, SAML single sign-on, and enterprise support

$4/9/22/35 per month, respectively, with annual plans.

I Done This Features

  • Track what you've done by replying to an email

  • Get a digest email of everything you and your team have done

  • Like and comment on others' posts

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