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In a sharp change from most CRMs that support Zapier, Close has a web app but its main efforts center around its Mac and PC apps. There you'll find full call integration, where you can make and receive calls right from the app—and with a business plan or higher, you can record calls right inside Close as well. During your call, you'll see your customer's info, previous interactions your team has had with them, and more. It's everything you'd expect from an email-centric CRM, designed around calls.

With all but the most basic version of Close, you'll get a free phone number with unlimited minutes in a number of countries around the globe, or a toll free number in the US and Canada if you want. You can, if you'd like, pre-record voicemail messages to leave contacts, so once you hear that all-too-familiar beep you can press a button and Close will leave your pre-recorded message. You can even setup a ring group so all sales agents' Close numbers will ring, or forward a call to another agent right inside the app. It's a great VoIP call system for your team that just happens to have a CRM included.

Calls won't cut it every time, though, so Close has great email integration as well. It can pull in your email conversations automatically, and simplifies emails by letting you save email templates that you can easily turn into personalized messages for your contacts.

Finding the people you should get in touch with in Close is easy, both with its filtering and smart views. They'll let you find all the people you've never emailed, for example, or the people you've called more than a half-dozen times. Then, once you've drilled down to a specific set of contacts, you can use Close's bulk email tool to email them all at once. That's a great way to balance your followups between calls and emails, without having to keep track on your own of who you've called most recently.

Close is a CRM that's fast to use, with just the features that you'll need to make sure you're contacting your leads via email or calls often enough to make the deal. If your team needs a great sales phone system and a way to keep up with your contact info, it's a CRM well worth considering.

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