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Build a marketing automation machine with Zapier

By Zapier • Published April 7, 2021

Imagine that people are finding your website, filling out a form, getting an immediate welcome email, and feeling connected to your brand. Your sales team is reaching out quickly, or your eCommerce email marketing is so impeccably timed that people can't help but buy from you. Best of all, every single activity is tracked and recorded in your tidy, organized CRM.

With these automations replacing manual work, you'll be able to focus your energy on serving your leads and clients, like museum tour agency Museum Hack. Their team was able to transition to virtual events at the beginning of 2020 using CRM automation. Lead sorting was new to them, having relied on a manual sales process before museums began to shut down in-person visits.

Using Zapier, they connected their Zendesk Sell CRM to their email marketing platform, Campaign Monitor, to enter newsletter leads into their CRM. This simple marriage of two marketing automation tools now saves them tons of manual work and empowers their sales team to respond to new leads faster.

Marketing doesn't have to feel like extra work—marketing automation tools can take care of the basics, and they don't have to cost thousands of dollars to get started, either. Enjoy building your business while the repetitive work happens in the background for you.

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