6 Ways to Find the Best Apps for Your Work

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / Published September 3, 2015

Find the Best Apps

There are thousands of web apps at our fingertips, each offering a unique mix of features and function. Chances are, if you have a specific problem to solve, there is, as the famous Apple commercial goes, an app for that. As you rely on more and more apps, however, you start making more work for yourself: exporting data from one app to another creates a lot of overhead.

That's where Zapier helps, automating tedious tasks to free up hours of your time. And because of that, we often hear things like, "We'll only use an app if it connects with Zapier."

So rather than relying on a Google search or a coworker's recommendation, professionals are turning to our library of more than 500 apps to find the perfect tool for their work.

Here are six ways to find the best app for a problem that can be solved with better software.

1. Browse the Zapbook


The Zapier Zapbook lists the 500-plus apps connected to Zapier, along with a short list of "Upcoming Apps" that you can vote on to accelerate their integration.

When you're browsing the Zapbook, you can learn more about an app by simply placing your cursor on its icon. Start by narrowing in on an app category, such as CRMs, form apps, and project management software, by using the menu on the left. If you see an app you want to try out, click on its icon to visit its individual Zapbook page, where you can see which Triggers and Actions it supports.

The Zapbook is growing weekly—on average, an app is added every other day—so it can be overwhelming to stay on top of each new option. If you want to stay on top of new additions, try setting up a Zap using the "New App" Trigger of the Zapier app; you can set it up to get a notification on a platform of your choice each time the Zapbook has new options.

"When you guys bring new apps to our attention, we're like, 'Hey, I didn't know we can do that, let's go put that on the back burner and at least have a solution in mind,'" explains Roy Ching, digital marketing manager for Southwestern Assemblies of God University. "That's what's really great about Zapier. It's exposing us to apps that we're not typically accustomed to or we're not really using on a day-to-day basis."

2. Subscribe to the Updates Blog


New Zapier apps are introduced on our Updates Blog. Each post provides a screenshot and a description of the new app, along with suggested Zaps involving the app and a guide to getting started with it on Zapier.

Subscribing to the Updates Blog is the best way to stay up to speed on new apps and enhancements to the apps you already use. To receive these updates, either visit the Updates Blog and subscribe or set up a Zap using the "New Update" Trigger.

"A recent updates email from Zapier led me to find the perfect hiring app for my company, Breezy HR, that we were in desperate need of," says Diane Umoh, marketing administrator for Great Lakes Label. "Zapier updates help me stay informed on the latest organization and marketing apps, which in turn saves me a ton a time."

3. Peruse App Reviews

HubSpot CRM review

Different apps have different strengths. And sometimes it's tough to tell if an app offers the features and horsepower you need (e.g. Is this email marketing app built to handle massive lists, or is it geared towards smaller newsletters?).

How can you figure out which app is the best fit for your workflow? That's where a growing section of Zapier comes into play: Zapier App Reviews.

Over the past year, we've published more than 100 app reviews, and new reviews are being added weekly. You'll find links to these reviews on an app's Zapbook page or by visiting our new Reviews directory. Each review page includes app screenshots, a list of the notable features and pricing options, and an in-depth write-up on the app. There are even lists of the best alternative and companion apps, so you can broaden your search.

It's tough to quickly decide on the perfect app for your needs, so if you ever find yourself weighing the merits of several form builders, or trying to decide which meeting scheduler app to use, check out our next offering: Best App Roundups.

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4. Read Best App Roundups

Best To-Do Apps

Reviews on their own can be helpful if you're curious about one particular app. But what if you don't know where to start? That's where our "Best App Roundups" come in. We look through the most popular apps for any category—such as CRMs, form builders, to-do list apps, and email marketing tools—and each one a shot. Then, we list the app's best features, so you can pick the perfect tool for your needs. Most of our roundups are paired with links to in-depth app reviews, so if you find a few apps that are particularly interesting, you can then dive into the review for more information.

Here are some of our most popular app roundups, from our blog and eBooks:

And we're publishing new collections all the time: Our most recent roundup looked at the best read-it-later apps. Be sure to subscribe to our blog to be the first to know whenever we publish new app roundup articles, and let us know if you're looking for an app in a specific category—we just might be able to cover it.

5. Digest App Tips

app tips

Once you've found the perfect app, you might need help getting started with it. Perhaps it's a confusing new tool like a CRM, filled with terminology and features you've never heard of before. Or maybe it's a long-time favorite like Gmail that's packed with hidden features you never can seem to find. Zapier's app tips posts can help you unlock the hidden power in your favorite tools.

We've published app tips for a long time, and our recent blog redesign now showcases them front and center with a dedicated App Tips page. Here are some of the most popular app tips we've published so far:

6. Download App eBooks

App eBooks

At Zapier, we want to be helpful—always. We take great pride in sharing knowledge, and we know there's plenty of information to detail when it comes to business disciplines. From email marketing to client surveys, we've put together eBooks covering an array of topics in-depth. These resources are free to download, and can be found in the Zapier Learning Center, on Amazon's Kindle Store, and on the iBooks Store.

Zapier App Reviews

Zapier Reviews Page

You don't have to wait for an app roundup to hit the Zapier blog to find our latest app reviews anymore. Along with our blog redesign, we also have a brand new Reviews page that lists every review we've published. There you can find out latest reviews, as they're published, or use the category filters on the right to drill down and find reviews of the app category you need.

Looking for a new way to track the time you spend on work, a new CRM, or the best tool to support your customers? You can easily compare each option with our reviews.

If you love discovering new apps and check Product Hunt every morning, then you might enjoy discovering the greatest features of both new and classic apps through our reviews. Be sure to sign up for email updates on our Reviews page to be among the first to know whenever we publish new app reviews and roundups—it's an easy way to stay informed about the best tools to keep you productive.

Check out Zapier App Reviews

Explore New Zapier Apps, Triggers and Actions

During August, we welcomed 10 apps to Zapier, including an email marketing platform, a tool for hiring and HR, and a cloud storage option. We also made notable updates to our Wunderlist integration and Zapier's own Task History.


Databases can be daunting, and a lot of the time they require someone who knows their way around development to create and maintain. Airtable empowers anyone to make robust databases to store, organize, and collaborate on any type of information you might need.

"At Diamond Candles, we're using Airtable Zaps for a number of pieces in our custom-made Wholesaler CRM solution," explains Project Manager Lauren Ulmer. "We have a few pieces of paperwork that we need applicants to complete as a part of our retailer onboarding process. We largely use Airtable to coordinate that and manage outbound email communications for that, especially follow ups and thank you emails.

"Using the views and filtering options in Airtable, we are using fields to add records to new views and thus trigger emails with the "New Record in View" option of an Airtable Zap. We're using this trigger to dispatch the emails and then we are also using the Gmail zap to pushback to Airtable when files are returned to us."

See our Airtable integration for available Triggers and Actions.


Smooth communication is critical to your team's success. That's where Moxtra comes in handy: it gives you a central hub for text and voice chat, screen sharing, and document collaboration. And if there are other tools you find yourself using, you can connect your favorite apps to Moxtra using Zapier.

See our Moxtra integration for available Actions.


With different methods to communicate with customers, organizing them into one platform can save you a lot of time and frustration. SendinBlue has tools for email newsletters, bulk email, even SMS—together in one system. Manage your most-used communications in one tool, and never worry about jumping from platform to platform to communicate in the channel of your choice.

See our SendinBlue integration for available Triggers and Actions.

Process Street

Checklists are an integral part of the way we get things done, personally and in teams. Process Street gives you the power to create the checklists you need, collaborate with your team across projects, and keep everyone in the know.

See our Process Street integration for available Triggers and Actions.


Managing a project means keeping tabs on a ton of moving parts: task assignments, resource allocations, time tracking, you name it. With ProjectManager.com you get all of those tools, plus dashboards and reporting to make sure all of your projects are on track. And, if you connect ProjectManager.com to Zapier, you can give your projects more context by integrating data from Zendesk, Google Calendar, and Podio.

See our ProjectManager.com integration for available Triggers and Actions.


If you work for yourself, or do any type of client work, billing is bound to be part of your daily life. Bundle that with time tracking, expense reporting, and invoicing, and you have another full-time job on your hands. Hiveage has all of the tools you need to your consolidate billing, and other tasks associated with it, in one app.

See our Hiveage integration for available Triggers and Actions.


There are a lot of communication platforms to keep track of. From email to phone to video chat, connecting with one another has reached critical mass. Alterdesk brings all of those channels, plus team chat, into one app. Communicate with everyone you might need to, and worry less about fragmenting those conversations.

See our Alterdesk integration for available Triggers and Actions.


Hiring involves advertising new openings, reviewing applications, scheduling interviews, and gathering input from your team. In short: it's tedious. Breezy aleviates a lot of that pain. It combines tools to pull mismatched hiring tasks into one place, helping your entire team participate in hiring (without losing anything in translation).

See our Breezy integration for available Triggers.


Connected teams rely on file storage and sharing to make complex project work. But managing access and permissions for your files is a hurdle in itself. CudaDrive helps teams securely store, share, and access files across any device, anytime.


Well-architected site search helps visitors find what they're looking for, faster. Swiftype provides robust website search options as well as analytics that reveal where visitors might not be finding the answers they're looking for, so you can adjust accordingly.

See our Swiftype integration for available Triggers and Actions.

App Updates

New Zapier Task History

Zapier Task History

We're excited to unveil a redesigned Task History in your Zapier account. It helps you find Zaps faster, sort by date, get a clearer picture of the data being sent from one app to another, and easily identify any errors.

We also announced a powerful new Task History feature: Autoreplay. If any of your Zaps have an error, Zapier will try to replay that task automatically, so you don't need to worry about doing it yourself or missing any valuable data.

Include Notes on New Wunderlist Tasks


It's great to have a list of simple tasks, but what if some of those tasks could use a little more context? With our new update to the Wunderlist "Add Task" Action, you can leave notes alongside tasks, so any project details will be centralized in your to-do list.

See our Wunderlist integration for all available Triggers and Actions.

Populate a Twitter List with New Contacts


Do you use Twitter lists for event outreach, social selling, relationship building, or brand monitoring? Now you can automatically add users to a list using a Zap, so specific accounts can be segmented into targeted groups.

See our Twitter integration for available Triggers and Actions.

Create Basecamp Projects from Templates


Do you find yourself routinely creating Basecamp projects with the same tasks, to-dos, teammates, or targets? Utilize Zapier's new Action, "Create Project from Template," to generate a project based on your presets. Whether you need to start a project from a form entry, the creation of a contact in your CRM, or even from a spreadsheet, you can save valuable time by letting Zapier handle the work for you.

See our Basecamp integration for available Triggers and Actions.

Learn More About Your Apps + Zapier

Every month we team up with folks from Zapier-connected apps to host free online training sessions, where you can learn the ins and outs of automation.

In September, we're excited to be co-hosting a webinar with the team at Batchbook. We'll cover how to enhance your experience with automation, along with other tricks to supercharge your workflows.

Later in the month, we'll be joining the team at SumoMe for a session on automation for email marketing and lead generation. All are welcome to join!

A Look Inside Zapier

Zapier team

The Zapier team recently returned from our bi-annual company retreat, spending time together in Traverse City, Michigan. During the week we were able to dig deep into every facet of Zapier, and collaborate on projects that would help us all work more efficiently. Since we all work remotely for 50 weeks a year, we love getting together in-person and learning from each other.

Zapier team

Interested in joining the Zapier team? We're currently hiring Customer Champions, a Marketing Specialist, and a Partner Marketing Manager. But we're always open to hearing from individuals who are interested in working with us—email contact@zapier.com for more information.

Zapier team

Go back in time! Read our July edition of the Zapier Monthly: "Get More Done: Five Ways To Master Your To-Do List".

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