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What Zapier Manager Triggers and Actions are Supported

Supported Triggers#

  • New Zap Error - Triggers when a Zap in your account encounters an error.
  • New Zap - Triggers when a new Zap in your account is created and turned on.
  • Zap Turned Off - Triggers when a Zap in your account is paused or turned off.
  • New Public App - Triggers whenever a new public app is added to Zapier.
  • Task Usage Limit Reached - Triggers when your task usage hits a specified percentage or number of your plan's included tasks.
  • New Folder - Triggers when a new folder appears in your personal/team account.
  • New Invoice - Triggers when your Zapier account receives a new invoice.
  • New Halted Task - Triggers when a task in your account is halted.
  • New Team Member - Triggers when a new team member is added to your account. This trigger is only available for Zapier for Teams account users.

Supported Searches#

  • Find App - Searches for a public App on Zapier
  • Find Zap - Searches for a Zap in your account.

Supported Actions#

  • Create Team Invitation - Invite a member to your Zapier team. This action is only available to Zapier for Teams users
  • Turn Zap On/Off - Turn a Zap on or off.

How to Get Started with Zapier Manager

How to Get Started with Zapier Manager on Zapier#

  • Admin/owner permissions: If the Zap is part of a Teams account, the error notifications will go to the user who created the erroring Zap as opposed to the person who set up the error notification Zap
  • Paid/versioned account: Available on any Zapier plan
  • Custom field support: Yes

To get started with Zapier Manager, go to your desired Zap (or make a new one) and add Zapier Manager before selecting a Trigger or an Action.

Common Problems with Zapier Manager

New Zap Error has no information on a specific Task that errored#

Errors are raised for Zaps not for Tasks. Although errors occur within the context of a Zap, it depends on the kind of error if we alert immediately or allow the apps some time to recover. Therefore, the Data Out for the trigger links to Task History filtered on the Zap and not a specific task. You may also notice that the node__params__* fields reflect the Zap's configuration and not the data as it flowed through a step (node) for a specific Task.

New Zap Error trigger isn't triggering despite there being new errors on other Zaps#

Make sure the Send Alerts on Failed Action setting on your Notifications settings page is set to either send emails or "Only Zapier Manager Trigger":

Email settings for Zap Alerts

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What is Zapier Manager?


Bolster your Zap housekeeping with Zapier Manager. Track Zap errors, invite members to your Team, and more!

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