Schedule by Zapier + Zapier Manager

Turn off a Zap after business hours

  1. When this happens

    Step 1: Every Day

  2. Then do this

    Step 2: Turn Zap On/Off

Use Zapier Manager to automatically turn off time sensitive Zaps by business hours. You can switch off auto-responder Zaps when business hours start or turn off SMS notification Zaps after business hours.

Note: it’s not guaranteed that Zaps will run to the minute. Zaps will run within a few minutes of the scheduled time.

How this Schedule-Zapier Manager integration works

  1. The Zap will trigger everyday at the set hour.
  2. Zapier Manager turns on a Zap.

Apps involved

  • Schedule by Zapier
  • Zapier Manager

Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
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About Schedule by Zapier

Schedule is a native Zapier app you can use for recurring tasks. Trigger an action every day of the month, every day of the week or every single day. You can also select the hour of the day. If you're a developer, this is similar to a crontab, cronjob or cron.

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About Zapier Manager

Bolster your Zap housekeeping with Zapier Manager. Track Zap errors, invite members to your Team, and more!

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