Signaturit Integrations

  • Save signed Signaturit documents to Google Drive

    Managing a wide variety of clients typically means introducing a host of disconnected systems. This Zapier integration can help, automatically saving your signed documents in Google Drive. Then you can rest easily knowing all critical information is safely collected, accessible for the people who need it most.

    How this Signaturit-Google Drive integration works

    1. A new signed document is added to Signaturit
    2. Google Drive uploads a new file

    Apps involved

    • Signaturit
    • Google Drive
  • Send an SMS when your Signaturit documents are signed

    A staff on the go making deals means there is little time to wade through endless emails. But one thing people still check are their text messages. With this Signaturit and Zapier integration, you can alert your team the moment they’ve received a new signed document, ensuring everyone is aware of the most critical information quicker. It's a simple way to know as soon as your documents are signed.

    How this Signaturit-SMS by Zapier integration works

    1. New document is signed in Signaturit
    2. Zapier sends an SMS message with the details

    Apps involved

    • Signaturit
    • SMS by Zapier
  • Create Signaturit signature request for new Chargify subscribers

    So much of precious business time is often wasted around predictable, repeatable billing activities. Instead of manually sending tedious forms, use Signaturit to automatically request a signature the moment you receive a new Chargify subscriber to quickly get new customers to sign your contracts. Don’t lose out on willing customers through human error any longer.

    How this Chargify-Signaturit integration works

    1. A new subscriber is added to Chargify
    2. Signaturit creates a new signature request

    Apps involved

    • Chargify
    • Signaturit
  • Create Signaturit signature requests from Wufoo form submissions

    An automated form is a great way to standardize collecting critical information, however business shouldn’t stop at the time the client hits submit. Instead, enable Wufoo and Signaturit to create a new signature request the moment a client submits all required information. Isn’t it lovely when the ball is in somebody else’s court?

    How this Signaturit-Wufoo integration works

    1. A new submission is added to Wufoo
    2. Signaturit creates a new signature request

    Apps involved

    • Wufoo
    • Signaturit
  • Get a Slack channel notification for new signed Signaturit documents

    With messages flying around and so much great teamwork happening in Slack, it’s sometimes difficult to remember to check your other applications. This could be especially costly if those other applications host important legal agreements. This integration can help. Set it up, and Zapier will keep you up-to-date in your favorite Slack channel the moment you receive a new signed Signaturit document.

    How this Signaturit-Slack integration works

    1. A new signed document is added to Signaturit
    2. Slack sends a message to a channel

    Apps involved

    • Signaturit
    • Slack
  • Create Signaturit signature requests from new Typeform entries

    An automated form is an excellent way to gather information consistently required up front. However, there’s no reason your business needs to take a break following the initial form submission. Instead, have Signaturit automatically create a signature request whenever your Typeform form is filled out, and get a step closer to cashing your next check without any extra work.

    How this Typeform-Signaturit integration works

    1. A new entry is added to Typeform
    2. Signaturit creates a new signature request

    Apps involved

    • Typeform
    • Signaturit
  • Create certified Signaturit emails from new starred Gmail emails

    With so many clients and emails flying around, it may be difficult to keep track of your critical communications. Automatically create certified email with Signaturit simply by starring your Gmail messages. Ensure your most important messages remain legally sound, minus all the typical hassle.

    How this Gmail-Signaturati integration works

    1. You star a Gmail message
    2. Signaturit creates a new certified message

    Apps involved

    • Gmail
    • Signaturit
  • Create Signaturit signature requests from new Google Sheets spreadsheet rows

    Like using Google Sheets to manage your client information but just wish it could be a bit more integrated to the rest of your systems? Well, now you’re in luck! As you log details to a Google Sheets spreadsheet, Zapier can automatically send Signaturit signature requests, giving your fingers a much needed break.

    How this Google Sheets-Signaturit integration works

    1. A new row is added to Google Sheets
    2. Signaturit creates a new signature request

    Apps involved

    • Google Sheets
    • Signaturit
  • Create Signaturit signature requests from new CallMonkey leads

    You've made a new lead in CallMonkey and you want to confirm your sale by having your lead give their signature. You can now do this automatically with this CallMonkey-Signaturit integration from Zapier. When new leads are created in CallMonkey, Zapier will automatically create a signature request in Signaturit. No manually confirmations needed anymore which will save you a lot of time.

    How this CallMonkey-Signaturit integration works

    1. New lead is created in CallMonkey
    2. Zapier adds a signature request in Signaturit

    Apps involved

    • CallMonkey
    • Signaturit

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Signaturit Integration Details

Launched on Zapier July 13, 2016

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Signed Document") and Actions (like "Create a Signature Request") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Signaturit Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Create a Signature Request

Create a Signature Request.

Create Signature Request From Template

Create a signature request from a template.

Create a Certified Email

Create a Certified Email.

Send a Signature Request Reminder

Sends a signature request reminder.

Cancel a Signature Request

Cancels a signature request.

New Signed Document

Triggers when a document has been signed.

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Signaturit allows to send and sign documents online with legally binding electronic signatures.