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Stephanie Gonzaga
Written by Stephanie GonzagaLast updated February 22, 2018

Traditional business phone systems connect customers to your employees when they need help with a purchase, or just have a question. Someone calls your business number, presses a button, and the phone system routes the call to the right person. That becomes far more costly and complex when departments expand, new locations are added, and teams include mobile and remote employees. Can your company’s existing phone system handle these changes without breaking the bank on hardware issues and technical assistance?

RingCentral offers to let you move your phone system to the cloud instead. It offers enterprise-level communication tools that optimize the call experience so your customers get the help they need 24/7—without you having to worry about where employees are when they receive calls. On the administrative level, you can connect with your office, remote, and mobile employees using a unified phone system, regardless of their location or device. You can set up online video and audio conferences and collaborate using your favorite business tools without complex hardware to install or maintain.

Your company information, users, and business phone numbers are accessible and managed inside your admin portal. In the Phone Numbers section, you can add your existing phone lines or purchase new ones within your RingCentral account. You can also assign a number to a user extension under the Assigned tab so that customers can connect to correct representative right away. Then it's time to get the calls routed correctly. You can create call groups in RingCentral by clicking on the New Call Queue button under the Group(s)/Other(s) section of your admin portal. These are dedicated to handling specific calls (e.g. Sales, Support, Billing), so incoming calls are shared within the group automatically.

Your main company number connects callers to an Auto-Receptionist, which you can configure to accept calls during your business hours or route calls based on custom answering rules you’ve set up for out-of-office hours. You can customize the call experience further by creating a unique interactive voice response system and importing or recording your own company prompts to work with it. As your company receives and handles calls on a regular basis, you can evaluate overall performance by reviewing voice call activities under Reports or your call logs under the Call Log section of your admin portal.

Directing customers to the right people at the right time saves opportunities from slipping through the cracks. Since RingCentral manages your company phone system online, your employees can install the RingCentral mobile apps so they’re always connected regardless of location or device. They can make and receive business calls, faxes, and text messages without worrying about mixing their personal and business contacts by mistake. If they’re working from their computer, installing the RingCentral desktop apps lets them plug in a headset so that voice calls are always clear and crisp.

Teams communicate with one another just as much as they do with your customers. Rather than having them constantly switch to third-party business tools or spend money bringing them to the office, you can utilize the RingCentral Meetings app to host online conferences, deliver company webinars, and share files and screen annotations using local or cloud storage apps like Dropbox or Box. Remote and office employees can schedule and join meetings at their most convenient time, which builds better relationships and increases productivity within the team.

Setting up a unified business phone system doesn’t have to be a painful investment for your company. RingCentral lets you take all of your communications online so you can focus on empowering your teams to deliver outstanding phone support anytime, anywhere.

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RingCentral Features

  • Maintain your entire company's phone system in one app with RingCentral's cloud-based phone system

    • Add existing company phone numbers or use RingCentral’s default local or toll-free phone numbers
    • Configure and assign phone numbers to an Auto-Receptionist so your customers reach the people they need
    • Customize the call experience with answering rules to route calls based on the caller ID, time of the day, and the day of the week
    • Never miss an opportunity by forwarding incoming calls to all of your devices, any department or location
    • Receive and send text and multimedia messages from your business number to colleagues and customers
    • iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS apps available

RingCentral Pricing

  • $19.99 per user/month Essentials plan for up to 10 users, 100 toll-free minutes, and four attendees per meeting

    • $24.99 per user/month Standard plan for an unlimited number of users, 1000 toll-free minutes, and four attendees per meeting
    • $34.99 per user/month Premium plan for an unlimited number of users, 2500 toll-free minutes, and 50 attendees per meeting
    • $49.99 per user/month Ultimate plan for an unlimited number of users, 100K toll-free minutes, and 75 attendees per meeting

Custom pricing available for 10K+ users.

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