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It might seem a bit overwhelming if you're new to Reddit. The site is built around communities, called Subreddits, that each are focused on a particular subject like Photography or Productivity—or are built around a Reddit subject like IAmA which is the subreddit where interviews happen. Each subreddit has its own rules, but typically anyone can post a link or add a text post with a question or idea to any subreddit.

Other Reddit users, or Redditors, then can click an up or down arrow to up or downvote your post. Popular posts rise to the top of the subreddit's page; unpopular ones quickly disappear below more popular content. Anyone can then comment on the post, reply to comments, and build entire comment threads discussing the link you shared or adding feedback on your text post. The more popular a post, the more comments typically come in, helping a piece go viral. As your post and comments gain upvotes and replies, you'll earn Karma, Reddit's internal point score that unlocks additional features like the option to create your own subreddit.

You'll likely find a number of subreddits that interest you—you can follow them to see their posts on your Reddit homepage, and join in the conversation. And once you have enough karma from participating in Reddit communities, you can launch your own Subreddits about your favorite topics from your Subreddit subsription page. That—or joining another subreddit as a moderator—lets you help guide the conversation, removing harmful posts and keeping your community focused on its core topic.

Reddit in many ways is an entertainment site first and foremost, somewhere to share funny ideas and join in the after-work conversation. But it can be a productive tool, too, with Subreddits about programming and startups, finance and repairs, and more. Your posts will likely get downvoted if you're promoting your own company directly, but Reddit can still be a great place to meet your customers, join in communities, and offer help when people get stuck. You can build a community around your product and services, find your greatest fans, and let people see your team's fun side.

Or, just use it to join in the conversation. If there's one benefit of using Reddit, it's that you'll know what'll be popular tomorrow, today.

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