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Connect Procore to 2,000+ Apps

  • Receive a digest email for Procore RFI's

    Procore + Digest by Zapier + Email by Zapier

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  • Create tasks in Asana from new Procore RFI's

    Procore + Asana

  • Send Slack channel message when new RFI's are created

    Procore + Slack

  • Receive a text message when new RFIs are created in Procore

    Procore + SMS by Zapier

  • Create Trello cards when new RFIs are created in Procore

    Procore + Trello

Procore Integration Details

The following Procore Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantNew Photo

Triggers when a new photo is uploaded.

InstantNew RFI

Triggers when a new RFI is added.

InstantNew Drawing

Triggers when a new drawing is added.

InstantNew Inspection

Trigger when a new Inspection is created.

InstantNew Instruction

Trigger when a new Instruction is created.

InstantNew Meeting

Trigger when a new Meeting is added.

InstantNew Project

Trigger when a new Project is created.

InstantNew Punch Item

Trigger when a new Punch Item is added.

InstantNew Submittal

Triggers when a new submittal is added.

InstantNew Task

Trigger when a new Task is created.

InstantNew Work Order Contract

Trigger when a new Work Order Contract is created.

InstantNew Project Document

Triggers when a new project file is added.

InstantNew Change Event

Trigger when a new Change Event is added.

InstantNew Form

Trigger when a new Form is created.

InstantNew Inspection Log

Triggers when a new Inspection Log is added.

InstantNew Manpower Log

Triggers when a new Manpower Log is added.

InstantNew Observation

Trigger when a new Observation is added.

InstantProject Updated

Triggers when a project is updated.

InstantNew Instruction

Trigger when a new Instruction is created.

InstantSubmittal Updated

Trigger when a Submittal is updated.

InstantNew Timecard Entries

Triggers when a new timecard entry is created.


Create Document

Creates a new document.

Create Observation

Creates a new observation.

Create Change Event

Creates a new change event.

Copy From Standard Cost Code List

Copies all standard cost codes to project cost code list.

Create a Daily Construction Report Log

Creates a new daily construction report log.

Create Drawing

Creates a new drawing.

Create Instruction

Creates a new instruction.

Create Project

Creates a new project. Warning: Projects are not deletable in Procore. Use caution when using this action as this cannot be reversed.

Create Purchase Order

Creates a new purchase order.

Create Submittal

Creates a new Submittal.

Create Project Task Item

Creates a new project task item.

Update Project Meeting

Updates a project meeting.

Update Work Order Contract

Updates a work order contract.

Upload Photo

Uploads a new photo.

Create a Call Log

Creates a new call log.

Create Company Contact

Creates a new company contact.

Create Project Cost Code

Creates a new project cost code.

Create Document Folder

Creates a new document folder.

Create Inspection Checklist

Creates a new inspection checklist.

Create Manpower Log

Creates a new manpower log.

Create Punch Item

Creates a new punch item.

Create RFI

Creates a new RFI.

Create Sub Job

Creates a new Sub Job.

Update Manpower Log

Updates a manpower log.

Update Project Submittal

Updates a project Submittal.

Create Work Order Contract

Creates a new work order contract.


Find a Project Task

Search for a project task by id.

Find a Project Scheduled Task

Search for a project scheduled task by id.

Find a Project Document

Search for a project document by id.

Find a Submittal

Search for a submittal by id.

Connect Procore to 2,000+ Apps