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Supported triggers and actions

What does this mean?
    • Process NameRequired

    • BusinessRequired

    • CustomerRequired

    • Item Description

    • Item Price

    • Item ProductRequired

    • Item Quantity

    • Item Taxes

    • Invoice Currency

    • Invoice Date


    • Invoice Number

    • Invoice Title

    • Status

    • Subhead

    • Footer

    • Additional Notes

    • SO or PO Number

      Sales Order or Purchase Order Number.

    • Due Date


    • Exchange Rate

    • Disable Credit Card Payments?

    • Amount Title

    • Item Title

    • Price Title

    • Quantity Title

    • Hide Amount?

    • Hide Description?

    • Hide Item?

    • Hide Price?

    • Hide Quantity?

    • BusinessRequired

      Business to operate on.

    • Sale DateRequired

      Date when the sale took place.

    • DescriptionRequired

      Match a description field from your source app, or type a description to use for all transactions.

    • Number FormatRequired

      How your source app represents amounts (check your sample data if you're not sure). Are they given in major units with decimals (e.g. $1.21) or in minor units with no decimals (e.g. 121¢)?

    • Sale AmountRequired

      The total amount of your sale, including any sales taxes. Must be in the same currency as the bank or other account into which you receive payment for the sale.

    • Sales Tax Abbreviation

      The sales tax's abbreviation, exactly as you have set it up in Wave. How do I set up a Sales Tax in Wave? Sales Tax Amount required if providing Sales Tax Abbreviation.

    • Sales Tax Amount

      The amount of tax included in the total Sale Amount. Must be the same currency and Number Format as Sale Amount. Sales Tax Abbreviation required if providing Sales Tax Amount.

    • Payment Processing Fee Amount

      The amount of Payment Processing Fee deducted from the Sale Amount before you receive it. Must be the same currency and Number Format as Sale Amount. Payment Processing Fee Account required if providing Payment Processing Fee Amount.

    • Notes

      Information from your source app that may be helpful to you. You can include more than one field from your source app, and also type extra text that tells you where this record came from.

    • Created At

      The date and time the Sale was created in your source app.

    • External ID

      Will not be shown in Wave, but if you provide a unique External ID from your source app, Wave will make sure you don't enter the same Sale more than once.


How to connect Plumsail Documents + Wave

  1. Step 1: Authenticate Plumsail Documents and Wave.
    30 seconds
  2. Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.
    15 seconds
  3. Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.
    15 seconds
  4. Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.
    2 minutes
  5. That’s it! More time to work on other things.
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About Plumsail Documents

Generate documents from DOCX, XLSX, PPTX, HTML templates and populate fillable PDF forms. Automate your contracts, invoices, reports, tickets and more.
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Wave's invoicing and accounting software is completely free, and has no usage limits or restrictions. Optional Payment Processing and Payroll services are fully integrated to create a seamless platform for your business finances.
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