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What Onfleet Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • None yet!

Supported Actions#

  • Create Linked Pickup & Dropoff Tasks - Creates a linked pickup and dropoff task.
  • Create Task (Template Use) - Creates a single task. Used for simple zap templates only.
  • Create Task - Creates a pickup or dropoff task.

How to Get Started with Onfleet on Zapier

To get started with Onfleet on Zapier, first you will need to click to connect your Onfleet account to use with your Zap.

Click to connect Onfleet

Next, you'll be asked to enter your API Key.

Onfleet API Key

To locate your API Key in your Onfleet account, please follow these steps:

Open your dashboard’s settings Navigate to the API tab and click the + icon to create an API key Name your API key, then hit Create Key Double-click on the API key and copy it to your clipboard

  • Step 1:

Onfleet API Key in Onfleet account

  • Step 2:

Onfleet API Key in Onfleet account: create API key

  • Step 4:

Onfleet API Key in Onfleet account: copy API key

Then, you can rename your Onfleet connection.

Rename Onfleet connection

Paste your key back into your Zapier account and then “Continue”. If your API was entered correctly your Onfleet account will now be successfully connected.

Onfleet connection successfull

Common Problems with Onfleet on Zapier

We don't have any common problems documented yet, but feel free to contact us so we can help you personally!

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