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What Knack Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • New Form Submission - Triggers when a form is submitted in a live app.
  • Updated Record - Triggers when an existing record is updated in a live app.
  • New Record - Triggers when a new record is created in a live app.
  • Deleted Record - Triggers when an existing record is deleted in a live app.

Supported Actions#

  • Update Record - Updates a record in your Knack database.
  • Create Record - Creates a new record to your Knack database.
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How to Get Started with Knack

When setting up your Zap, you'll be asked to connect your Knack account.


You will be prompted to name your account and add your Knack Application ID and API Key. To locate these first login to your Knack account:

Choose an app from your dashboard, and then click the “Settings” link from the top left and click the API and Code link from the left menu. You can copy the Application ID and API key and paste in the corresponding fields in the Zapier form:


Paste your Application ID and API key back into Zapier and click continue. If all goes well, you'll see a success message.


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Working with fields

Knack uses very specific field types to ensure maximum utility within your Knack database. Some of these fields have multiple components, like name and address fields. For example, a name field can be split into first and last names.

When you using Knack as a trigger you can choose to use the formatted value of these fields, or you can use the individual components.

When using a Zap to create a new Knack record you’ll have to fill in the individual components for these fields to ensure they are added to your database correctly.

For example, the “First” and “Last” names of a “Contact” name field can be used when submitting to a service requiring separate name fields:


If you need to submit a full name to a connected service, you can combine these fields:


When using the full field it will follow the formatting parameters you’ve set for that field.

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Working with files and images

Physical file transfers are currently not possible with Zapier and Knack.

You can still connect with services like DropBox and Box to store your images and files and link to these files in your Knack app.

In this Dropbox example you can choose the “Share Link” or the “Direct Media Link” to copy the image URL to a Knack image field.


You will need to update your image field in your Knack app to use the external URL as the Image Source:


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Common Problems with Knack

I don't see the field I want to use, in the 'Field to Search' Dropdown#

alt text

In addition to the ID that is shown in the dropdown, in order for a field to appear there it must be one of the following:

A field of the Number -- Auto-Increment type

alt text


A field that has the Must be unique box checked

alt text

Some of my Knack app's objects aren't showing up#

Because of the way Knack's authentication works, you choose a specific application when you connect Knack to Zapier. Since we need the Application ID to connect to Knack, we aren't able to show objects from multiple Knack apps in the same dropdown. The objects from the connected app are the only ones you'll see when you're creating a Zap.

If you need objects from a different Knack app, just make a new connection to your Knack account, and that will allow your Zap to show the objects from that newly-connected app.

New or updated records aren't triggering my zap#

Knack only triggers notifications from actions that happen in your app, not actions directly from the database or through the API.

When inserting records, only records from form submissions will trigger a Zap. Records from form rules will not.

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