Kajabi - Features, Pricing, Alternatives, and More

Matthew Guay
Written by Matthew GuayLast updated August 5, 2016

Teaching a course doesn't require a classroom or a strict schedule. All it takes is your ideas and lessons, and a way to share those with your students.

With eBooks, video hosting, and eCommerce platforms, you could pull together text and videos, and sell them as a course like any other product. Or you could use a learning system like Kajabi that's designed specifically for building courses and selling them to students. It helps you build a website, add your course material, sell it directly to students, and engage with them throughout the course.

Start out by adding your products—your course text, video, audio, and downloadable files—to Kajabi, in a blog-like editor. You'll add new products, then add Posts to each product with the things you want to teach. Posts are much like traditional blog posts, with a title and a rich text box to write a detailed post. If you want to use video in your lessons, Kajabi uses a Wistia-powered video player to stream lessons to your students. Or, for audio or other attachments such as template files or PDF lesson notes, use the Downloads box to add them to the post. Posts can also include comments, just as normal blog posts.

Then, to organize your lessons, use Categories to lump the posts into a cohesive lesson plan. You could add a category for each week of lessons, or a category for lessons about specific subjects, or any other system you want. Add the relevant posts to the categories, and drag-and-drop both posts and categories to the order you want in their respective settings pages.

There's one more type of posts: Announcements. These, more like a traditional blog post, let you add announcements about upcoming lessons, pricing changes, live workshops, or anything else you want to promote. Kajabi can email the announcements to your students, or you can just let students read them in the blog-like announcement layout on your site.

All that's left is to tweak your site's appearance and open your class to the public. From the Appearance tab, you can choose from a handful of free themes and customize them with the design, text, forms, and other tools that you need. Add your Stripe account, set your course pricing (one-time, multiple payments, subscription, or free) and you're ready to sell your courses.

To make sure your course gets noticed, jump over to the marketing tab where you can make customized landing pages and forms to bring in new contacts. You can then add email broadcasts to be sent out to people who've filled out your forms for more info. Then, from the People tab, you can see info about everyone who's purchased your courses, reach out to individuals or lists of students, and see their progress on individual lessons. That way, you can offer personalized feedback and help your students get the most out of courses.

Whether you're looking for a simple way to sell courses, or want to build free courses to giveaway in a simple way, Kajabi includes all the tools you need. You can build a site and course, sell your product, and stay in touch with your students all from the same tool.

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Kajabi Features

  • Create online courses with text, audio, and video and sell them online
  • Build a customized website to showcase your products and drive sales
  • Send marketing emails to customers, and drip course content over a schedule to keep students engaged
  • Build a community with discussions inside courses
  • Use Stripe-powered payments for one-time, multiple payment, or subscription, or offer free courses
  • Add affiliate marketing to grow your audience

Kajabi Pricing

  • $129/month Basic plan for 5 products, 1k marketing emails per month, and 1k active members
  • $389/month Pro plan for 100 products, 40k marketing emails per month, 100k active members, affiliate program, custom branding, and integrations
  • $899/month Premium plan for unlimited products, 100k marketing emails per month, unlimited active members, and full features

Payment processing fees from Stripe not included; 20% lower prices with annual plans.

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