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Setting up a shared inbox begins at sign-up, where Front prompts you to add a work email address or an email group like to the app. You can then add other accounts to the inbox, such as your company Twitter account, Facebook page, SMS number, and third-party apps that serve as a channel between you and your customers.

If you'd like to add your own channels separate from your team inbox, you can create an individual inbox. Texts, updates, and other messages in individual inboxes are private, but you can use Front's collaborative features (e.g., canned responses, comments) when sharing these messages with your team.

The inbox is divided into three default views: Unassigned, Open, and All. As you assign messages to your teammates, they're instantly moved to the Open view. To the right is the message pane where you'll find several options to help you manage incoming messages. You can assign, follow, tag, snooze, archive, or delete messages depending on your workflow. If a message requires input from a teammate or a file attachment, you can reach out in the Comment section just below the Reply box.

You can shave off a few minutes of your processing time by creating rules to automate parts of your workflow. Front lets you create rules to manage messages in your individual inbox, while administrators can create team rules to manage messages in any of your shared inboxes. Each rule is made up of one or a series of triggers, conditions, and resulting actions, all of which will tell Front which messages to process and how to process them as they arrive in your inboxes. For example, any inbound message or comment that contains the word cancel in the body can be tagged with the keyword "cancel" and assigned to the teammate in charge of handling cancellation requests.

As your team uses Front, you'll be able to gauge their performance and identify areas of improvement. Analytics gives you that much-needed insight on your team inboxes. By clicking on the Reports icon at the bottom of the left-side menu, you can check current and previous metrics on your conversations, team, productivity, and customers. For example, you can see how many new and total conversations were received and sent, average response times, and the day and time of the week when your team receives the most conversations. From there, you can highlight strong points in your team's workflow and target areas that need more attention.

With Front, the inbox can finally be a place of clarity and productivity for your team. And with better response times and more personal interactions, your customers will always look forward to hearing from you again.

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