Create new Dropbox folders for new FreshBooks clients

If FreshBooks is your client invoicing app and you use Dropbox to share files with your clients, use Zapier to automatically create new Dropbox folders whenever you create FreshBooks clients. Once you set up this integration, new clients created from that point forward will each have an associated Dropbox folder created.

Note: This Zapier integration doesn't create Dropbox folders from existing FreshBooks clients, only clients added to FreshBooks after you've set it up.

How It Works

  1. A new FreshBooks client is created
  2. Zapier creates an associated Dropbox folder with that client data

What You Need

  • A FreshBooks account
  • A Dropbox account
Create new Dropbox folders for new FreshBooks clients
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FreshBooks Classic is a simple web-based software for tracking time, organizing expenses and invoicing clients.

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