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Start out by making an account, then connect your Stripe account which Donately uses to process your payments. If you run a non-profit, also add your NPO status info to both be able to qualify for Donately's lower fees and to send your donors tax-deductible receipts.

Then, jump to your account's Campaigns page under the Manage tab to add a campaign for which you're raising funds. Add a name, goal of how much you need to raise, a preview and cover photo (similar to the profile and banner image in a Facebook profile), and content. There's also an option to allow Fundraisers—that lets your donators start their own fundraisers to share with their friends and followers to gather funds that go back into your original campaign.

With that done, you can share your Campaign page and start raising funds immediately. Or, jump to the Forms option in the Manage menu to create quick donation forms with the options you want either for a specific campaign and fundraiser or as an open-ended donation to your charity. You cad add your own CSS as well, if you want, to make the form fit into your site's branding. Then, add the form to your site to start raising funds directly from people who already visit your site. Or, you can use Donately's API to build its fundraising into your app or site natively.

Either on your site or with Donately's pre-made Campaign pages and forms, Donately does everything you need to get donations. It supports one-off or recurring donations, lets you require addresses or allow anonymous donations if you'd like, and includes options to donate on behalf of someone else. Whenever someone donates to your campaign, Donately will send them an email detailing the donation with a tax deductible receipt for their records. And if you raise cash donations—or need to manually enter credit card donations over the phone—you can add those yourself through Donately's site and still send the same receipts.

Switch back to the dashboard, and you can see details about your donations, which campaign is doing the best, the average size of donations, and more. It's everything you need to raise funds quickly without having to worry about managing anything about the financial details.

Originally published July 29, 2016; updated October 19, 2018 with new pricing and details.

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