Crexendo Integrations

  • Create Asana tasks for new Crexendo voicemail messages

    Wouldn't it be nice to automatically create a task list for your support staff? You can use Crexendo voicemail to create an Asana task within the project you want using Zapier. Just set up this Zap, and whenever a new voicemail message comes in, Zapier can assign it to your staff in Asana.

    Note: Be sure to first enable transcription in your Crexendo account.

    How this Crexendo - Asana integration works

    1. A new voicemail is received in Crexendo
    2. Zapier creates a task within specified Asana project

    Apps involved

    • Crexendo
    • Asana
  • Send an SMS when a new Crexendo voicemail is received

    Get notified quickly whenever you receive a new Crexendo voicemail with Zapier's Crexendo-SMS integration. Just set up this Zapier integration, customizing the SMS message with the sender and receiver info, time stamp of the voicemail, transcription for the message, and much more. Then whenever you get a new voicemail, Zapier will share it with you via SMS automatically.

    Note: To be able to use transcription, your Crexendo account must have transcription service enabled.

    How this Crexendo - SMS integration works

    1. A new voicemail is received in Crexendo
    2. Zapier sends an SMS to the specified number

    Apps involved

    • Crexendo
    • SMS by Zapier
  • Archive Crexendo call recordings in Box

    Want an easy way to archive your Crexendo call recordings in Box? This Zapier integration can do it for you automatically. Whenever a new call recording is saved in your Crexendo account, Zapier will automatically upload it to the Box folder you want. It's a great way to keep records of every call recording you receive.

    Note: Make sure the call recording functionality is provisioned properly in your Crexendo account first.

    How this Crexendo - Box integration works

    1. A new recording is saved in Crexendo
    2. Zapier adds the recording to Box in your specified folder

    Apps involved

    • Crexendo
    • Box
  • Update Crexendo call routing status automatically on a weekly schedule

    Automate user status change based on specified schedule to avoid call routing issues stemming from user errors. With the Schedule by Zapier and Crexendo integration, you will make sure that desired call routing gets deployed on or after weekends. It's a simple way to keep your phone system working the way your team does.

    How this Schedule by Zapier - Crexendo integration works

    1. Specified schedule event fires within Schedule by Zapier app
    2. Zapier updates call routing status for Crexendo user

    Apps involved

    • Schedule by Zapier
    • Crexendo
  • Upload new Crexendo call recordings to Google Drive

    Leverage all the flexibility provided by Google Drive for easy, on-demand access to your Crexendo call recordings. With this Zapier integration, whenever a new call is recorded, it'll be saved to Google Drive automatically. That way, you can go back through your call history whenever you want.

    Note: Make sure to enable call recording functionality for extensions and/or numbers in question in Crexendo first.

    How this Crexendo - Google Drive integration works

    1. A new call recording is generated at Crexendo
    2. Zapier uploads the recording to Google Drive

    Apps involved

    • Crexendo
    • Google Drive
  • Maintain a list of Crexendo voicemail messages in a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Want to keep track of support requests within Google Sheets? This Zapier integration can log Crexendo voicemail information like From, To, Timestamp, Subject, and Transcription automatically to your Google Sheets spreadsheet whenever a new message comes in. It's a simple way to keep tabs on your phone system automatically.

    Note: You'll first need to make a new Google Sheet spreadsheet with column headers for the Crexendo voicemail details you want to save. You'll also need to enable transcribe functionality in your Crexendo account to log a full transcript.

    How this Crexendo - Google Sheets integration works

    1. A voicemail is received at Crexendo
    2. Zapier adds a record to Google Sheets with details about the message

    Apps involved

    • Crexendo
    • Google Sheets
  • Get Crexendo voicemail notifications via Pushbullet

    Make sure you are not late to respond to sales opportunities or support calls by making sure your Crexendo voicemail notifications have multiple ways to reach you. This Zapier integration lets you get push notifications for your Crexendo voicemail messages through Pushbullet to keep you in the know on multiple different devices. It's a simple way to get notified about your messages on your computer or on the go.

    Note: If transcription is enabled at Crexendo, you can have the full transcribed message sent as part of the notification.

    How this Crexendo - Pushbullet integration works

    1. A new voicemail is received at Crexendo
    2. Zapier sends a notification through Pushbullet

    Apps involved

    • Crexendo
    • Pushbullet
  • Set Crexendo user status automatically on rainy days

    If your business can benefit with an insight into rain probability for the day, Crexendo call routing can automatically be setup for that day with Weather by Zapier! Offer special deals and/or announce any special instructions to people calling into your call center or reception desk if there is a chance of rain today. It's a great way to personalize your phone messaging based on the weather.

    Note: Make sure to return to normal/default call routing at the end of the day.

    How this Weather by Zapier - Crexendo integration works

    1. Weather by Zapier triggers an event if it is going to rain today
    2. Zapier updates Crexendo status to enforce desired call treatment on a rainy day

    Apps involved

    • Weather by Zapier
    • Crexendo

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Crexendo Integration Details

Launched on Zapier April 18, 2017

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Call Recording") and Actions (like "Change Status") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Crexendo Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Call Recording

Triggers when a call has been recorded.

New Voicemail

Triggers when a new voicemail is received.

Change Status

Changes the status of your phone.

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