Archive Crexendo call recordings in Box

Want an easy way to archive your Crexendo call recordings in Box? This Zapier integration can do it for you automatically. Whenever a new call recording is saved in your Crexendo account, Zapier will automatically upload it to the Box folder you want. It's a great way to keep records of every call recording you receive.

Note: Make sure the call recording functionality is provisioned properly in your Crexendo account first.

How this Crexendo - Box integration works

  1. A new recording is saved in Crexendo
  2. Zapier adds the recording to Box in your specified folder

Apps involved

  • Crexendo
  • Box
Archive Crexendo call recordings in Box
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Crexendo is a full-service cloud solutions provider that delivers critical voice and data technology infrastructure services to Start-up, SMB and Enterprise markets.

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Box lets you keep all your businesses files in one place for simple online collaboration.

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