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How to Get Started with Box

About the Box Integration

  • Admin/owner permissions: None known
  • Paid/versioned account: Box's Zapier integration is available to users on all of Box's plans
  • Authentication method: OAuth
  • Custom field support: No

Connecting with Box

The first thing you'll need to do to get started with hooking up Box with Zapier and hundreds of other services is to add your Box Account to Zapier. Click to add a Box account in your Zap.

Connect Box to Zapier

Next you will give your new Account a name or label, which is just a handy name for you to recognize within Zapier. It doesn't matter what you name it.

Give your Box account a title

You should then get a pop-up window from Box asking you to log-in to authorize the connection between that Box account and Zapier. If you are already logged in the pop up will show right away.

Enterprise Box users: If you use single sign on, enter your email address only in the login box (without a password). Click login and you will be taken to your usual login page.

Log into Box

Logging into Box finishes the process! Your Box account is now connected to Zapier.

Zapier tests your account

Common Problems With Box

Files Suddenly Stop Triggering

When we pull files for a folder from box we only pull the top 100 items. Box's API is setup in such a way that we have no control over the sort order while the end user does. This means an incorrect sort order setting could lead to us missing items that occur outside of the top 100. Yikes!

Here's what you can do to avoid this problem:

  1. Login to your Box account

  2. Click on the folder you'll be syncing items from

  3. Near the top right corner you'll find the option to sort by

  4. Now select the sort order that fits your needs. For the most part you'll want to sort by date in descending order. So click on Date and make sure the tiny white arrow next to it is pointing down. If it is pointing up (ascending order) click again to switch to descending.
    switch it!

  5. Navigate away from this page and return to be sure that the sort order change was saved.

Now you should be able to get items that slide outside of our retrieval window.

Cannot Connect with Enterprise Box Account

For enterprise Box users, when Zapier sends you to login to your Box account, you should enter your email address (without your password) and click the login button. This will redirect you to your usual single sign on page, where you can login like normal.

Popular Things To Do With Box

  • Save Gmail attachments to Box in their original file format [Business Gmail Accounts Only]

    Gmail + Box

    Try It
  • Copy new Google Drive files to a folder in Box

    Google Drive + Box

  • Copy new Google Drive files to Box

    Google Drive + Box

  • Copy new Box files to Google Drive

    Box + Google Drive

  • Save new Gmail attachment as a file in Box [Business Gmail Accounts Only]

    Gmail + Box

  • Get notified in Slack when a file is added to your Box Folder

    Box + Slack

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