Create a Bonjoro for new Intercom users

New intercom users are today's bread and butter leads. Make sure you connect with them in the right way, and give your brand a human face. This Zap adds each new Intercom customer to your Bonjoro To-Do list so you can get personal, get real, and send a Bonjoro.

Note: This Zapier integration only imports new intercom users. If you need to import existing users, you will need to do this manually via a CSV upload or by using the Intercom Tag function in a separate integration.

How this Intercom-Bonjoro integration works

  1. A new user is added to your Intercom platform
  2. They appear in your Bonjoro To-Do list

Apps involved

  • Intercom
  • Bonjoro
Create a Bonjoro for new Intercom users
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Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It's a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Intercom's products enable targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by email.

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Bonjoro lets you send personalised welcome videos to your customers.

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