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"What gets measured, gets managed." - Peter Drucker

If you want to improve on something, the best thing to do is start measuring it's performance. This set of Zaps will easily let you track, measure and improve anything you'd like.

Push Spreadsheet Data to a Dashboard tool

A relatively popular way to collect and store data is via a Google Spreadsheet. But viewing data in a chart isn't the most friendly. That's where a handy dashboard tool comes in.

You can easily use a Zap like the Google Docs to Ducksboard Zaps to track new rows or cells in a Google Docs spreadsheet in a Ducksboard chart so you can see how data changes over time.

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Post Company Activity to a Dashboard Timeline

Even in a small company there are a lot of things going on. Across sales, marketing, and operations you'll have multiple people working on different projects at the same time and it can be tough to get even a bird's eye view of what is happening.

That's where it can come in handy to funnel company activity to a dashboard timeline. A great example would be posting GitHub commits to Ducksboard, but you could easily add other items to the timeline to get a more holistic view of the company.

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Chart Sales in a Dashboard

Visualizing sales is fun. A chart that shows how much money you are making that's going up and to the right gives you that dopamine hit to keep you excited about the day.

With this zap you can easily track all your Stripe charges in Ducksboard and see a complete history of your company revenue.

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Track Custom Data in a Dashboard

Want to track custom data in a Dashboard easily? Zapier makes it pretty simple to do either through a Google Spreadsheet or through a webhook for more complicated Zaps.

Check out the Google Spreadsheet to Geckoboard zap as a great example of how you can track custom data using Zapier.

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