What Mailchimp Triggers and Actions are Supported?#

Supported Triggers#

  • New Campaign - Triggers when a new campaign is created or sent.
  • New Cleaned Subscriber - Triggers when a new subscriber is cleaned/bounced.
  • New List - Triggers when a new list is created.
  • New Bounce - Triggers when someone bounces from a specific campaign.
  • New Subscriber - Triggers when a new subscriber is added to a list.
  • New Group - A group is for a list.
  • New Unsubscriber - Triggers when any current subscriber unsubscribes from a list.
  • Updated Subscriber - Triggers when a subscriber is updated in a list.

Supported Actions#

  • Add Subscriber - Add a new subscriber to a list of your choosing.
  • Unsubscribe Email - Unsubscribe an email address from a list of your choosing.

Supported Searches#

  • Find a Subscriber - Finds an existing subscriber.
  • Find a Campaign - Finds an existing campaign.

How to Get Started with Mailchimp#

To get started with Mailchimp, first click to add a Mailchimp account in your zap.

Click to add a different account

Next, you'll name this Mailchimp account. Note: This name is only for identifying the account inside Zapier, it will not automatically try to add a specific Mailchimp account.

Name the Mailchimp account inside Zapier

You should then get a pop-up window from Mailchimp asking you to log-in to authorize the connection between that Mailchimp account and Zapier.

Log in to authorize your Mailchimp account

After logging in, you'll get sent back to your zap where you now have your Mailchimp account connected!

Your Mailchimp account is authorized

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Common Problems with Mailchimp#

Don't Type Emails!#

You'll never want to actually type an actual email address into the forms Zapier gives you. The magic of Zapier is pulling data from the trigger service and putting that data into the forms via our handy variable insertion:


Don't do this!


Do this instead!

Double Opt-In#

If your Mailchimp list has double opt-in enabled, you won't see any subscribers added by your zap until after that new subscriber clicks through the double opt-in email. However, your task history will show a successful task immediately, even if the subscriber does not confirm the double opt-in email.


Mailchimp checks for duplication based off email address, so any email addresses your zap is trying to add that already exist in that list will fail.

"This list does not have interest groups enabled"#

If you are seeing this error it means you don't have interest groups enabled. See this tutorial on how to get enable it. This may also be the case if you get this error: "You must specify a apikey value for the listSubscribe method"

I use Google Apps to login to Mailchimp, how can I connect my account?#

If you use Google Apps to access your Mailchimp account, you'll need to set up a username and password with Mailchimp. Here's a link to their guide on doing so: http://kb.mailchimp.com/integrations/other-integrations/integrate-google-apps-with-mailchimp

After you have a username and password, you'll be able to log into your Mailchimp account when trying to connect it to Zapier to ensure that connection is made.

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Popular Things To Do With Mailchimp#

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