Convert Any File Type With CloudConvert

Alison Groves
Alison Groves / April 6, 2016

Files: something we all have to deal with, but come in hundreds of different formats and sets of issues. Does the person you're sending the file to have the right app to open and view the file? Do you need a document, or do you actually need a PDF?

If you're working with files, but need a specific file type, CloudConvert can help you transfer files from one type to another. Turn .jpgs into .pngs, Keynote into Powerpoint, even HTML into PDF's. With over 200 different file types supported, chances are if you need to transform a particular file, you can.

Find yourself converting a lot of files manually? Say goodbye to that, now that CloudConvert is connected to Zapier. Convert files anytime they are added to apps like Google Drive and Dropbox, automatically start conversions from email attachments, even save any website as a PDF or image from apps like RSS, Pocket or Feedly.

Check out a few different ways you can take advantage of CloudConvert's new Zapier integration:

If you struggle with different file types, try CloudConvert and convert files from one type to another.