Using YouTube with Zapier

Wade Foster
Wade Foster / January 8, 2013

This new service on Zapier needs no introduction since nearly all of you have used it and likely use it on a daily basis. The fact that it doesn’t need an introduction serves as a proof point to it’s value. Just in case you haven’t heard of it though here’s a brief intro.

YouTube is the simplest way to upload and share videos online. It’s also a great destination for movie trailers, song clips, viral videos. If it’s video, it’s on YouTube.

Following, saving and knowing about new videos hasn’t always been the easiest though. And that’s where the YouTube integration with Zapier comes in. With YouTube and Zapier you can easily:

Zapier lets you extend the functionality of YouTube beyond merely watching videos online. With Zapier and YouTube you can stay up to date with your favorite channels and more efficiently share the videos you like.

To use this integration

  1. You’ll need the username of a YouTube user you want to track and an account with Zapier as well as one on the web applications with which you want to integrate. YouTube is free to work with. Zapier has both free and paid plans.
  2. Find the user on YouTube that you want to follow
  3. Check out any of the integrations used with Zapier and YouTube.

The short YouTube video walks you through connecting YouTube to Google Talk to automatically get notifications for new YouTube videos.

If you want to build an integration for your web or mobile service check out the Zapier developer platform.