The Best Webinar Software for Marketers

Emily Irish
Emily Irish / Published November 29, 2017

There's something about visual communication and a classroom setting that makes people pay just a little more attention to your message. Webinars are the internet's way of recreating this effect online. Maybe you want to run webinars to generate leads and demonstrate expertise to potential clients. Maybe you want to teach a course, train employees remotely, or host your own online summit or virtual conference.

But no matter how great your content is or how watertight your webinar promotions are, if you don't have a webinar platform that provides you and your audience with the right experience, it's all for nothing.

Running a webinar is already stressful enough—you need webinar software that's user-friendly and reliable. We rounded up the best webinar software to help you quickly and easily set up a webinar—whether you're running a paid online class or a demo for potential new users—based on your budget, webinar features, and what you want to get our of your webinars.

What Makes Great Webinar Software?

I'm glad you asked—people look for different things in a webinar platform. Some only need a simple tool that will allow them to make a webinar, an online live-streamed presentation. Some marketers want various tools and features that allow them to interact with their audience. Some presenters want to be able to record their webinar once, then release the recording as a separate event.

The wish list for webinar software varies quite a bit. What doesn't vary is the need for simple and quick webinar registration, a dependable broadcasting experience, intuitive controls for presenter and audience alike, and the ability to track key webinar metrics (such as attendance and attentiveness).

We tested over 20 apps for this roundup of webinar software choices, looking for ones that ace these core requirements, while also adding their own flavor to the webinar experience—be that with live engagement tools, enhanced marketing and branding features, or versatile webinar formats.

Here are the best webinar software platforms:

The Best Webinar Software

Icon:  App Best for: Pricing: Platform:
anymeeting logo AnyMeeting Marketers new to webinar software From $78/mo for 100 attendees/webinar Web, iOS, Android
bigmarker logo BigMarker Integrating marketing campaigns directly into your webinar software From $29/mo for 25 attendees/webinar Web, iOS, Android
clickmeeting logo ClickMeeting Custom-branding your webinar From $30/mo for 25 attendees/webinar Web, iOS, Android
demio logo Demio Advanced marketing automations From $47/mo for 100 attendees/webinar Web, iOS
getresponse logo GetResponse Built-in email marketing suite and CRM From $49/mo for 100 attendees/webinar Web, iOS, Android
gotowebinar logo GoToWebinar Familiar user experience for your audience From $109/mo for 100 attendees/webinar Web
livestorm logo Livestorm Audience engagement with your content From $99/mo for 100 attendees/webinar Web
webinarninja logo WebinarNinja Automated repeating webinars From $49/mo for 100 attendees/webinar Web
webinato logo Webinato One-time webinar events From $119/mo for 100 attendees/webinar; $590 one-time event pricing Web, iOS, Android
zoom logo Zoom Broadcasting live webinar to Facebook or YouTube From $40/mo for 100 participants/webinar Web, iOS, Android

AnyMeeting (Web, iOS, Android)

Marketers new to webinar software

AnyMeeting Webinars

If you want to spend more time focusing on your audience and content than learning how to run webinars on platforms with a lot of complex features, AnyMeeting's no-nonsense interface and will be your friend as you get started with webinars.

AnyMeeting lets you create and customize your registration form and confirmation and reminder emails, then even invite attendees directly from the app. While AnyMeeting doesn't have a native way to embed this registration form in your own site, it does give you the option to import registrants via a CSV, so you could register attendees via a separate form app. Through the AnyMeeting Zapier integration, you can also have registrants directly added from the tool of your choice.

When presenting, you won't have to worry about screen-sharing—AnyMeeting lets you upload your presentation file directly to the app and run your slides from the web. You can even stream your webcam at the same time. Need to run the same presentation multiple times? AnyMeeting lets you simply upload a recording of a past webinar to re-play and save you time and effort. Speaking of recordings, AnyMeeting can record your webinar for you automatically, so you never have to panic about that mid-webinar.

One of the biggest challenges in marketing webinars is keeping attendees engaged during the presentation. AnyMeeting offers presenters several options for interacting with attendees—all easy to reach from your on-air presenter view. With just one click, you can share PDFs and PPT files—a useful way to offer audiences extra perks like a copy of the slides for sticking around to the end of your presentation. View, address, and dismiss audience questions from a dedicated pop-up. Create, run, and display polls to engage and survey your audience. After you end the webinar, you can automatically direct attendees to the URL of your choice, as well as generate a custom survey.

AnyMeeting Webinar Pricing: From $78/month Webinar Pro 100 plan to invite 400 registrants and host up to 100 attendees per webinar

See AnyMeeting integrations on Zapier

BigMarker (Web, iOS, Android)

Integrating marketing campaigns directly into your webinar software

BigMarker webinars

Since every marketer will have different preferences and goals for their webinars, and every company has different budgets to work with, it's hard to declare one webinar app a definitive winner. However, powerful marketing features and integrations combined with an intuitive, flexible interface makes BigMarker a compelling top choice for most business needs.

If you need a marketing automation tool designed exclusively for webinar marketing, BigMarker is a strong choice. This app is designed to make marketing your webinar frictionless and includes a suite of built-in marketing tools to help you do just that.

Start by customizing the look of your webinar landing page, registration form, and webinar "room." These can all be completely customized with templates and basic design tools (such as image upload and color/font settings) to suit your brand and webinar topics.

If you want to reach a broader audience with your webinar, take advantage of BigMarker's "marketplace" of webinars, where you can publicly list your webinar and create a YouTube-like channel of all your past public webinars. These can be discovered in both Google and BigMarker searches—make sure you fill out the SEO meta data fields for your webinar to help its discoverability.

Import lists of email contacts into BigMarker via CSV or through a sync with Salesforce, Hubspot, MailChimp, or any one of the other integrated CRMs. Use these lists within BigMarker to send customized webinar invitations to your subscribers. You can even manage separate contact lists within BigMarker, to send better-targeted email invitations directly from the app.

The webinar presenting process is just as smooth. Upload your presentation before the event, so it's available to all presenters and easy to access without sharing your screen. Queue polls and document handouts to deliver to your audience at any point in the webinar. But perhaps the most exciting presentation tool BigMarker offers (at least to me as a marketer) is its ability to connect webinar chat with Twitter, so that audience members can interact with you via Twitter hashtag, naturally boosting social visibility for your webinar and brand.

BigMarker integrates directly with popular apps like Salesforce, MailChimp, and Google Analytics—as well as hundreds more apps through their Zapier integration—so it's easy to move contacts, content, and data between all the apps you use for your business.

BigMarker Pricing: From $29/month Basic plan, for 25 attendees per webinar

ClickMeeting (Web, iOS, Android)

Custom-branding your webinar

ClickMeeting webinars

With one of the easiest-to-use webinar interfaces on the market married to flexible customization options, ClickMeeting is a clear choice if you're inexperienced with webinars, but want more design control over your webinar registration, webinar "room," and reminder emails.

Run standard one-time webinar events or set up a permanent webinar—which will give you a static room link that you can use again and again. While unfortunately you can't use this feature to auto-run evergreen webinars, since a presenter or moderator is required to start the event, this does give you a lot of flexibility with sales webinars and running pre-recorded video.

ClickMeeting makes it easy to customize the messaging and branding around your webinar, without being overwhelming. Create landing pages, waiting rooms, and registration forms, all branded with your company logo, presenter image, and even the planned agenda for the webinar. Shift the layout of the webinar room to fit your content needs and presentation style, whether you rely primarily on audio, video, or your slide deck. ClickMeeting also lets you customize key settings, such as auto-record and thank you emails.

Another great feature is ClickMeeting's WordPress plugin, which lets you embed webinar rooms directly into your website. If you don't use WordPress, ClickMeeting includes embed code for registration buttons, forms, and even the whole webinar room on your site.

ClickMeeting Pricing: From $30/month MyWebinars plan for 25 attendees per webinar

Demio (Web, iOS)

Advanced marketing automations

Demio webinars

Demio offers webinar creators a straightforward way to set up your webinar in seconds, with enough power to let you really leverage webinars for your marketing. Presenter controls are elegantly effective and simple to learn. But much of Demio's real power comes after the webinar is over.

Make the most of the work you put into this webinar by re-releasing your webinar as an on-demand replay. Or better yet, capitalizing on the scarcity effect and re-run your webinar with Demio's "Like Live Replay" feature, which gives second-run attendees the same experience as your original audience, right down to interactions like polls and document shares.

While many webinar apps only offer a blanket webinar follow-up email, Demio's automated rules feature lets you customize follow-up with contacts based on their interaction with your webinar. Did someone join late? Automatically send a replay link in a couple hours.

If you integrate Demio with your CRM through Zapier or through one of their native integrations, these contacts can be automatically tagged to help your team know how best to follow up.

Demio Pricing: From $47/month for a 100 attendee room

See Demio integrations on Zapier

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GetResponse (Web, iOS, Android)

Built-in email marketing suite and CRM

GetResponse webinars

GetResponse is part email-marketing software, part-marketing automation tool—and it's great at webinars too.

The webinar part of the software is fairly basic, letting you set up a standard registration form, edit basic settings, and launch your webinar. The presenter view is one of the simplest to use that I've come across, while still offering several handy features to engage your audience. In addition to adding and displaying your presentation, you can display a whiteboard, share your screen, search for and live-share YouTube videos, and run audience polls. Adjust the room layout to best fit your presentation style and the webinar itself.

As you'd expect, GetResponse webinars are based heavily around email marketing. You'll create your webinar by going through a setup wizard that includes building and sending emails to your chosen subscribers. You can even set up webinar invitations as a part of a regular autoresponder.

GetResponse makes it simple to market your webinar to your email lists via customizable templates. Control who gets your emails by selecting only certain lists, as well as adding exclusions, suppressions, and custom filters to any list you like. With GetReponse's "Perfect Timing" feature, you can even choose to delay the delivery of your webinar invite until each individual subscriber is most likely to open it (based on data from previous emails to those subscribers). If you're marketing internationally, the Time Travel feature is also handy, allowing subscribers to receive your email at your set scheduled time—in their time zone (instead of getting an 8am Eastern-time email at 1pm their time).

GetResponse Pricing: From $49/month Pro plan for core features and up to 100 webinar attendees

See GetResponse integrations on Zapier

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GoToWebinar (Web)

Familiar user experience for your audience


As one of the first widely-used webinar tools, GoToWebinar is familiar to almost anyone who has ever attended a webinar. While GoToWebinar may not have all the features available from other apps, it offers a dependable, familiar user experience to both audiences and presenters alike.

Running a webinar in GoToWebinar is every bit as easy as running a meeting in its sister app, GotoMeeting. This meeting-first mentality makes it very easy to add multiple presenters and share screen controls between the two, ideal for multi-presenter webinars who aren't in the same office.

Scheduling new webinars is a quick process, especially when you can copy past webinars as a template. Simply add your title and date information, set up any custom fields you want on your registration form, and you're ready to go! You cannot rebrand GoToWebinar confirmation and reminder emails, but you can add custom text. And GoToWebinar makes up for this lack of customization by automatically offering all confirmed registrants a calendar invitation, so they're less likely to forget your event.

When you do run your live event, you can add a team member to your webinar as an organizer if you want a second person recording your webinar or want someone to moderate chat and answer attendee questions. Recordings and reports are stored in the cloud and are easily available to download from your dashboard. Follow-up emails offering the replay recording to attendees, non-attendees, or both can be automatically sent by GoToWebinar, so you never have to worry about forgetting to send people your replay.

GoToWebinar Pricing: From $109/month Starter plan for core features and up to 100 webinar attendees

See GoToWebinar integrations on Zapier

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Livestorm (Web)

Audience engagement with your content

Livestorm webinars

I've been the marketer scrambling between multiple software programs and settings pages right before a webinar, making sure all the reminders are sent and webinar settings are correct. Livestorm alleviates all that last-minute stress with a step-by-step approach to building your webinar that makes sure all details are accounted for before registration even goes live.

Starting with the basics—title and description—Livestorm walks you through all the setup for your webinar while your webinar is still in "draft" mode. Add contributors to your webinar, from guest speakers to moderators, to give varying webinar access to more than just the webinar host.

You can embed your webinar registration form on your own site, but for those who need more simplicity, Livestorm's registration landing page template lays out key webinar details alongside eye-catching "Register" and "Share" calls-to-action.

The automated emails Livestorm sends are worth special mention. These emails highlight key information about your webinar and prompt key actions, such as "Add to Calendar" and "Share This Webinar" with buttons, versus the simple link text that other webinar software uses for these prompts. You can customize the branding and messaging in these emails and also decide which emails you want Livestorm to send—such as one-hour reminders, start-time reminders, thank you emails to attendees, and follow-up emails to no-shows.

During the webinar, Livestorm also offers a small but important twist on standard audience interaction by allowing your attendees to view and upvote questions from fellow audience members. Not only does this encourage your attendees to interact with your content (and each other), it also gives you, the presenter, the ability to manage your limited Q&A time by focusing on questions that are important to your audience.

Livestorm Pricing: From $99/month Starter plan for all features and up to 100 webinar attendees

See Livestorm integrations on Zapier

WebinarNinja (Web)

Automated repeating webinars


WebinarNinja is for companies who run a lot of webinars, whether paid or free, and offers marketers the most flexibility when it comes to pre-recording your webinars.

WebinarNinja offers four different webinar types: Live, the standard webinar type, Automated which allows you to use pre-recorded content to simulate a live experience on certain dates, Series, which gives you the capability to run an online summit-type webinar series, and Hybrid, which will let you run a pre-recorded presentation while running things live in chat, polls, and Q&A.

One of WebinarNinja's most unique features is the Offer widget, which lets you display an offer to webinar attendees directly within your webinar anytime. Extra features like one-click user registration and advanced notification and reminder settings serve to make WebinarNinja one of the most useful and versatile webinar software for marketers.

Once you've set up your webinar, use WebinarNinja's integration with tools like MailChimp, Infusionsoft, and Zapier to automate marketing both before and after your webinar.

WebinarNinja Pricing: From $49/month Starter plan, for 100 webinar attendees

See WebinarNinja integrations on Zapier

Webinato (Web, iOS, Android)

One-time webinar events


For marketers who don't regularly produce webinars, but want to knock it out of the park when they do, there's Webinato. Webinato is your virtual classroom, with multiple features to instruct and engage your audience in meaningful ways during your webinar.

From the live whiteboard to the Cobrowser, which lets you generate a separate browser window in-room for your attendees (perhaps to share a offer page), Webinato gives you all the tools you need to illustrate and communicate your message.

Maybe you find that webinars work really well for you, but you don't have the human resources to run live webinars on the regular. Webinato allows you to run pre-recorded webinars on autopilot, while still triggering all the interactive elements (such as polls, Q&A, and file-sharing) and still scheduling them like live events—a win win!

Anxious about running an expensive online event by yourself? Don't worry—all of Webinato's one-time event plans include an in-room tech, who will be right there with you the entire event in case of any tech problems.

Webinato Pricing: From $119/month Small subscription plan for 100 webinar attendees; from $590 per event for the Small one-time event plan

See Webinato integrations on Zapier

Zoom (Web, iOS, Android)

Broadcasting live webinar to Facebook or YouTube

Zoom webinars

Zoom is best known as a video conferencing tool, but the same reliable, clear video that makes it ideal for video conferencing also makes it ideal for webinars, specifically those that are video-heavy or feature multiple panelists. Since Zoom is primarily video-focused, you can count on clear, reliable video broadcasting for your webinars.

Zoom allows you to feature up to 50 panelists, who can all be easily added from your invited attendees. Customize your presentation style to match your content with a mix of video, screen-sharing, and streaming video of your presenters. Zoom allows you to show two views side-by-side, so you can, for example, keep presenter video up while running a demonstration on a shared screen. Presenters can also view audience questions in a pop-up window, so you can run highly interactive, panel-style webinars with very little friction.

One of Zoom's more unique webinar features is the ability to automatically broadcast your webinar to Facebook Live or YouTube Live. Once you're inside your webinar interface, an option in the "more" menu will let you broadcast your webinar live on either Facebook or YouTube.

On Facebook, you can give your webinar a custom name, and choose whether you want to livestream it from your personal account, or from a page or group where you have admin privileges. Select your options and Zoom will take care of the rest, broadcasting your webinar on Facebook, with the content only delayed 20-25 seconds from your original webinar.

The feature works similarly on YouTube. Assuming your YouTube account is enabled for live-streaming, just name your video and choose your desired privacy setting, and you're set! Zoom will notify you that you're live in the left corner of your webinar screen, where you can toggle, view, or share your livestream on either Facebook or YouTube.

Zoom Pricing: From $40/month for up to 100 participants

See Zoom integrations on Zapier

*Want to know more about Zoom? Read our full review.*

Enhance Your Webinar Software with Zapier

Most webinar software is optimized for hosting live presentations. The best webinar software also provide features to help you manage the lifecycle of your webinar, from customizable forms and emails to contact management to webinar performance analysis. But even the best webinar software is just that—software focused on the webinar experience.

Add Zapier to the mix and you can automate tasks between your webinar software and the software you use for everything else, such as copying contacts from your webinar software to your customer relationship manager (CRM) tool. Zapier lets you connect 750+ apps and create workflows between them—without any coding knowledge required.

For example, if you want to use a specific form or CRM to register people for your webinar, you can use Zapier to do the tedious work for you:

If you want to monetize your webinars and your chosen webinar software doesn't have a payment options, why not create your own?

Maybe webinars are an important part of your sales funnel but you need more tools than a built-in webinar CRM can provide. No problem—automatically send all your webinar registrants to your CRM or marketing automation tool of choice.

You can also use Zapier to help get the word out about your current and future webinars:

Sign up for a free Zapier account, and choose your webinar software of choice and another app from our library of 750+ popular business apps to start building your own workflows.

At the end of the day, the success of your webinar is about creativity and how well you engage your audience before, during, and after the webinar. So as you're browsing these apps and choosing a tool for your webinar, ask yourself: What app will best help you and your company to engage your unique audience?

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