Crowdcast Integrations

  • Create MailChimp subscribers from new Crowdcast registrations

    Someone registering for your event is just the beginning of the relationship, it needs to be kept going. Your email list is the best way to continue the conversation, and Zapier can help you add those registrants to any list you wish!

    How this Crowdcast-MailChimp integration works

    1. You have a new registrant
    2. Zapier creates a new email list subscriber

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • MailChimp
  • Create ConvertKit subscribers from new Crowdcast registrations

    Once someone signs up for an event or webinar, you likely spend extra time adding them to your email marketing list. What if you didn't have to do that any longer? One easy automation from Zapier can take that burden away from you for good!

    How It Works

    1. Someone registers for a Crowdcast event
    2. Zapier creates a subscriber in ConvertKit

    What You Need

    • Crowdcast account
    • ConvertKit account
  • Tag new Crowdcast registrants in ConvertKit

    Keeping leads and customers organized when it comes to your email campaigns is a tall order. Make sure all of that stays organized with the help of one easy automation.

    How this Crowdcast-ConvertKit integration works

    1. You have a new Crowdcast event registrant
    2. Zapier adds a subscriber to a particular tag in ConvertKit

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • ConvertKit
  • Create ActiveCampaign subscribers from new Crowdcast registrations

    Event registrations are a wealth of new prospects to keep the conversation going with, why not add them to your email marketing list? Doing that by hand is tedious, let one simple automation do all of that work for you, and you'll never waste time doing it again.

    How this Crowdcast-ActiveCampaign integration works

    1. You have a new event registration
    2. Zapier creates a new email list subscriber

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • ActiveCampaign
  • Create Drip subscribers from Crowdcast registrations

    Someone attending an event you host is just the start of what can be a great relationship! Why not continue that conversation with a series of emails tailored to them? Automation can turn those registrants directly into email subscribers!

    How this Crowdcast-Drip integration works

    1. You have a new event registrant
    2. Zapier creates a new email subscriber

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • Drip
  • Create Infusionsoft contacts from new Crowdcast registrants

    When someone registers to attend an online event you're hosting, don't let the conversation end there! Use Zapier to help automate processes for you, and keep a record of all of those valuable relationships.

    How It Works

    1. You have a new registrant in Crowdcast
    2. Zapier creates a new contact in Infusionsoft

    What You Need

    • Crowdcast account
    • Infusionsoft account
  • Send Slack direct messages for new Crowdcast registrations

    Keeping track of everyone who registers for your online event can afford you peace of mind that you are actually receiving registrations. What better way to keep up with that than the place you spend most of your waking hours: your team chat app!

    How It Works

    1. You have a new registration in Crowdcast
    2. Zapier sends a direct message to Slack

    What You Need

    • Crowdcast account
    • Slack account
  • Send new Crowdcast registrations to Google Sheets

    Spreadsheets are extremely powerful, especially when keeping a list of registrants for an event. You can use that spreadsheet for just about anything, but it's not much fun to populate by hand. Let Zapier automation help!

    How this Crowdcast-Google Sheets integration works

    1. You have a new event registrant
    2. Zapier creates a new spreadsheet row

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • Google Sheets
  • Send texts via FireText to pre-register for Crowdcast events

    Let attendees sign up to events with a simple text. Pre-register a guest when they send a text to your FireText SMS number.

    Note: Guests must text their email address. Make sure to add the event code in the Crowdcast step of the Zap.

    How this FireText-Crowdcast Integration Works

    1. A new text is sent to a FireText SMS number
    2. Guest is pre-registered for a Crowdcast event

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • FireText
  • Post new questions from Crowdcast webinars to your Mighty Network

    Want to crowdsource answers to questions from your Crowdcast webinars? Use this integration to quickly transfer questions from Crowdcast into your Mighty Network. Then, all the members in your Mighty Network can help answer the question.

    How this Crowdcast-Mighty Networks integration works

    1. A new question is asked on Crowdcast
    2. Zapier adds the question to your Mighty Network

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • Mighty Networks
  • Create SendPulse subscribers from new Crowdcast registrations

    Speaking with audience is essential for every business, especially if they have just registered. With this integration, you can do it effectively. Once set up, all new registrants in Crowdcast will be added to your SendPulse mailing list as a subscribers, so you will be able to reach them all at once.

    How this Crowdcast-SendPulse integration works

    1. You have a new registrant in Crowdcast.
    2. Zapier creates a new subscriber in your SendPulse mailing list.

    Apps involved

    • Crowdcast
    • SendPulse
  • Subscribe people who register for a Crowdcast event to your AWeber list

    Grow your audience by adding subscribers from your video Q&A, summits, and webinars to AWeber. Create email campagns to continue engaging with your visitors. This Zapier integration will create a new AWeber subscriber whenever someone registers for an event in Crowdcast.

    How it works

    1. A new registration is received in Crowdcast
    2. Zapier creates a new AWeber subscriber based on the information provided in the registration.

    What you need

    • Crowdcast account
    • AWeber account

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Crowdcast Integration Details

Launched on Zapier September 30, 2015

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Live Attendance") and Actions (like "Register Participant") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following Crowdcast Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

New Live Attendance

Triggers at the end of your session when a participant has shown up live.

New Missed Session

Triggers at the end of your session when a participant has not shown up live.

New Event Registration

Triggers when a participant registers for any of your events on Crowdcast.

New Session Visit

Triggers when a participant visits a session's page at any given time.

Event Reminder

Triggers 10 minutes before your event is scheduled to go live.

New Question

Triggers when a question is asked.

New CTA Click

Triggers when a participant clicks your call to action.

New Recording View

Triggers when a participant watches your recording.

Register Participant

Registers a participant for an event (sends an email with a link to your event).

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