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4 ways to automate Squarespace with Zapier

By Wren Noble · August 7, 2023

Squarespace's built-in forms amplify the power of your website by allowing you to generate leads and collect information directly from visitors. That's information that you can then use to engage more deeply, understand your customers better, and drive more business. 

But when you use Zapier's automated workflows—called Zaps—to connect your forms directly to the rest of your tech stack, your form data becomes even more powerful. Here's how.

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To get started with a Zap template—what we call our pre-made workflows—just click on the button. It only takes a few minutes to set up. You can read more about setting up Zaps here.

Add form responses to your email marketing newsletter

Whether you're generating leads for your CRM, gaining subscribers for your marketing newsletter, or even just planning an event, you need to be able to take action with the emails you collect. Use automations to connect your Squarespace form submissions directly to your email app of choice.

Add new contacts and subscribers

When new users sign up for your mailing list, simply use one of these workflows to add their email directly to your marketing email app. Letting automation handle this data is faster and more accurate than manually adding them, and it ensures you don't miss any important contact info.

Create Flodesk subscribers from new Squarespace form submissions

Create Flodesk subscribers from new Squarespace form submissions
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  • Flodesk logo
Squarespace + Flodesk

Add contacts to specific series

You can also refine your email contact list by adding new Squarespace submissions to specific series within your email marketing platforms. This makes it easy to keep contacts organized by source. 

For instance, you might want to know which contacts came through your website and which came through social media, ads, or events. You can even automatically add contacts from different campaigns or landing pages to targeted lists so you can compare response rates.

Send follow-ups and notifications

An instant email response to a visitor's form submission acknowledges you've received their info and begins to build a relationship with that customer. You might also want to use that contact as an opportunity to send request info, like a white paper, or reward customers who sign up for a newsletter with a discount code. 

With a Zap, you can automatically send an email any time a form is submitted through your website, ensuring your current or potential customers always hear from you.

You or team members may also need a gentle nudge when someone fills out your form so you can provide the right follow-up. Use one of these Zaps to send a team chat message or a text every time you get a new response.

Keep track of form submissions

Emails aren't the only thing you can collect with Squarespace forms—you can solicit feedback from customers, create a list of attendees for an event, or gather information about dietary restrictions. Add new form submissions to a database or spreadsheet app to keep your information organized and accessible. 

Additionally, tracking form submissions in a spreadsheet app enables you to create a backup or archive of your data. It's also helpful if you need to share that data with people who might not have access to Squarespace or if you want to compile data for analytics elsewhere.

Create follow-up tasks

A lot of your form submissions will require someone on your team to take follow-up action. Use automation to instantly add a task to your project management or task-tracking app

Automatically adding a task to your list ensures you'll never miss following up on a demo request, completing a new order, or answering an important question. Not to mention, the faster you can follow up on a lead, the more likely you are to convert them into a paying customer. 

Connect your forms to your team's work

The more connected your customer data is with the other apps you use to do your work, the more connected your team is to your users. When your responses are fast and organized, visitors feel like your business is accessible and invested in their needs. Instead of wrangling data manually, automate it and spend your time engaging with your customers and building your business.

This is just the start of what you can do with Squarespace and Zapier. What will you automate?

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