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Integrate Microsoft Office 365 with viewneo

Microsoft Office 365

Email +1Email, Microsoft
Integrate Google Sheets with viewneo

Google Sheets

Google +1Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Facebook Pages with viewneo

Facebook Pages

Facebook +1Facebook, Social Media Accounts
Integrate Instagram with viewneo


Facebook +1Facebook, Social Media Accounts
Integrate Slack with viewneo


Team Chat
Integrate Google Calendar with viewneo

Google Calendar

Calendar +1Calendar, Google
Integrate Trello with viewneo


Project Management
Integrate Google Drive with viewneo

Google Drive

File Management & Storage +1File Management & Storage, Google
Integrate YouTube with viewneo


Google +1Google, Video & Audio
Integrate Dropbox with viewneo


File Management & Storage
Integrate Wufoo with viewneo


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Spotify with viewneo


Video & Audio
Integrate Yammer with viewneo


Microsoft +1Microsoft, Team Chat
Integrate Epos Now with viewneo

Epos Now

Payment Processing
Integrate Todoist with viewneo


Task Management
Integrate OneDrive with viewneo


File Management & Storage +1File Management & Storage, Microsoft
Integrate Envoy for Visitors with viewneo

Envoy for Visitors

Event Management
Integrate Twitter with viewneo


Social Media Accounts
Integrate Google Analytics with viewneo

Google Analytics

Ads & Conversion +1Ads & Conversion, Google
Integrate with viewneo

Project Management
Integrate Zoho CRM with viewneo

Zoho CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) +2CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Premium, Zoho
Integrate Mailchimp with viewneo


Email Newsletters
Integrate Flic with viewneo


Integrate Gmail with viewneo


Email +1Email, Google
Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with viewneo

Facebook Lead Ads

Ads & Conversion +2Ads & Conversion, Facebook, Premium
Integrate Google Forms with viewneo

Google Forms

Forms & Surveys +1Forms & Surveys, Google
Integrate Asana with viewneo


Project Management
Integrate Google Contacts with viewneo

Google Contacts

Contact Management +1Contact Management, Google
Integrate Acuity Scheduling with viewneo

Acuity Scheduling

Scheduling & Booking
Integrate Microsoft Outlook with viewneo

Microsoft Outlook

Email +1Email, Microsoft
Integrate Shopify with viewneo


eCommerce +1eCommerce, Premium
Integrate Microsoft Excel with viewneo

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft +1Microsoft, Spreadsheets
Integrate Intercom with viewneo


Customer Support
Integrate Podio with viewneo


Project Management
Integrate SurveyMonkey with viewneo


Forms & Surveys
Integrate HubSpot with viewneo


Marketing Automation
Integrate Follow Up Boss with viewneo

Follow Up Boss

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Agile CRM with viewneo

Agile CRM

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Google My Business with viewneo

Google My Business

Google +1Google, Website Builders
Integrate Box with viewneo


File Management & Storage
Integrate Vimeo with viewneo


Video & Audio
Integrate GitLab with viewneo


Developer Tools
Integrate Amazon Seller Central with viewneo

Amazon Seller Central

Amazon +2Amazon, eCommerce, Premium
Integrate Meetup with viewneo


Event Management
Integrate Ninox with viewneo


Integrate Sprout Studio with viewneo

Sprout Studio

Images & Design
Integrate EasyMe with viewneo


Marketing Automation
Integrate Brick FTP with viewneo

Brick FTP

File Management & Storage
Integrate OfficeRnD with viewneo


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Run my Accounts with viewneo

Run my Accounts

Integrate Scoro with viewneo


Project Management
Integrate with viewneo

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Microsoft Teams with viewneo

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft +1Microsoft, Team Chat
Integrate Formidable Forms with viewneo

Formidable Forms

Forms & Surveys +1Forms & Surveys, WordPress
Integrate ThunderMaps with viewneo


Forms & Surveys

Connect viewneo to 2,000+ Apps

  • Change viewneo playlists as Google Calendar events approach

    Google Calendar + viewneo

  • Change your viewneo playlist when it is a rainy day

    Weather by Zapier + viewneo

  • Toggle your viewneo live ticker daily

    Schedule by Zapier + viewneo

  • Add new Image files from a Google Drive folder to a viewneo playlist

    Google Drive + viewneo

  • Get emails in Gmail when viewneo device groups are offline

    viewneo + Gmail

viewneo Integration Details

The following viewneo Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:



Add Image File

Add a image file to a selected playlist.

Change Playlist

Changes the current playlist of an selected device group.

Create New Slide

Create and edit a new slide from template (viewneo template plugin is required).

Change Live Ticker Text

Changes the current live ticker text of a selected device group.

Edit Text Elements

Edit your text elements of a selected slide.

Toggle Live Ticker

Toggle live ticker on or off for a selected device group.

Connect viewneo to 2,000+ Apps