Create TargetProcess requests for new Zendesk tickets

If your Zendesk activity has to be represented on your TargetProcess boards, setting up this Zendesk TargetProcess integration will keep your information moving with no manual effort. After you do, every new ticket created on Zendesk will automatically create a request on TargetProcess with all the data you need from it. From then on, feel free to focus on your work while we keep everything updated for you.

How It Works

  1. A new ticket is created on Zendesk
  2. Zapier automatically adds a request on TargetProcess

What You Need

  • Zendesk account
  • TargetProcess account
Create TargetProcess requests for new Zendesk tickets
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Zendesk is a web-based help desk support tool that makes it simple to provide great customer support.

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Targetprocess is a Visual Management Software.

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