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Which is why SMS messages are often used today for notifications. When your credit card bill needs to be paid or it’s time to get your teeth cleaned again, SMS is the perfect way to notify you. Apps also use SMS for notifications. Twitter can send new reply notifications via SMS, for instance, and many apps use SMS messages to share one-time access codes when you log in.

Want to make your own SMS notifications? Zapier’s SMS integration is one of the easiest ways to do it. Here’s how.

1. Make a Zap with Any Trigger App

Zapier Filter

The SMS by Zapier tool can only send SMS messages to US and UK phone numbers, so first you’ll need some data to send in your message. Want to get an SMS if your eCommerce store receives a new sale, or if someone new signs up for your mailing list? Connect that app—or any other app where you’d like to be notified about new data—and your Zap will run whenever anything new is added.

Want filtered notifications? Say you only want to get email notifications if your boss emails you during work hours, or if a customer purchases over $100 from your store on the weekend.

A Filter can do the trick. Once you’ve added a trigger step, add a filter to have your Zap watch for the data you want. Then you’re ready to make customized notifications.

2. Add Your Phone Number to Zapier

Phone Number Zapier

To get your personalized SMS notifications, choose SMS by Zapier as the action app in your Zap. If you haven’t added your phone number already, enter your full phone number including area and country code (1 for US numbers, 44 for UK numbers—the only two supported countries right now). Zapier can then send you a message or call your phone with a pin to confirm your phone number.

3. Add Your SMS Message

SMS message in Zapier

Now you can customize your SMS message from Zapier. In the Message field, type in any text you want, or click the + button on the right to add data from your apps—your customers’ name, perhaps, or the original message from your boss. Your SMS can include up to 153 characters, and since the fields from trigger apps may vary in length, be sure not to include too much text.

You can also select which number Zapier should use to send the message. Then add that number to your contacts perhaps with your app’s name, and your SMS notifications will come in looking like they came from your app.

It’s a handy way to create your own customized, filtered SMS notifications.

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