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What Phone & SMS Triggers and Actions are Supported?

Supported Triggers#

  • None yet!

Supported Actions#

  • Send SMS - Send an SMS to a number. Notice that a successful action means that the SMS has been queued, not delivered.
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How to Get Started with Phone & SMS

Learn what Phone & SMS can be used for#

One really fun and useful way to get notifications is via SMS!

Zapier has a free built-in service which allows you to send SMS as an Action for any Zap.

Some things to note about our free in-house service:

  1. You can send up to 15 times per hour
  2. The "to" number must be verified and is fixed to the Account (see below!)
  3. The "from" number is our Zapbot phone number (573-535-5333 in the US, +442233224066 in the UK)
  4. International support is limited to US and UK right now.

For full international support, we recommend setting up your own Twilio Account and using our dedicated Twilio service.

Verifying your Phone Number for Phone & SMS#

After you've chosen the SMS action, you'll be prompted to authorize your own phone number with Zapier. This number is the one the Zap will actually send to when the Zap is triggered. You can send to multiple phone numbers by setting up and verifying multiple Phone Number Accounts.

Note: Only US and UK numbers are supported. For full international support, we recommend setting up your own Twilio Account and using our dedicated Twilio service.

To get started, click to connect a new account.

Authorize Phone Step 1

Next type in your phone number (no spaces or punctuation please!) and choose whether to receive the confirmation PIN as an SMS.

Note: If you are using a US number, you can provide your 10-digit number. If you are using a UK number, include your country code!

Authorize Phone Step 2

Click the "Send PIN" button, then wait for your PIN to be delivered! You'll get an "error" feedback if the number is invalid or some other error occurred.

Authorize Phone Step 3

With the PIN in hand, type it into the blank box that is created.

Authorize Phone Step 4

And finally, click "Continue" to finish verifying your phone number and receive a test SMS!

Authorize Phone Step 5

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Common Problems with Phone & SMS

I see "error" when clicking Send PIN#

This means the phone number you typed in is invalid. It may be an international number (outside of US or UK) or you might have left punctuation or you didn't include a country code with a UK phone number.

Most of these are easy fixes:

  1. Remove all punctuation -- just the digits please!
  2. Include a country code for UK numbers.
  3. For other international numbers, check out our Twilio service.

My SMS text messages are getting cut off#

Text messages are limited to a maximum of 153 characters and Zapier will cut off any more characters than that. If you'd like to have your message split into multiple messages if it's longer than 160 characters, check out our Twilio service which does just that.

API call throttled by Zapier.#

Zapier's in-house SMS/Call is provided free of charge, so we rate-limit Actions to 15 SMS per hour to avoid abuse. If you need more than this, please check out our Twilio service.

The From Number I chose isn't the one text messages are coming from#

If you're in the UK, unfortunately we'll override the number that your text message comes from with a UK number.

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What is SMS by Zapier?


Using our built-in number, you can send a limited number of SMS / text messages or even make calls. This is great for reminders!

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