How to Use Slack: 8 Tutorials

Read content specific to Slack. Discover how to get started, browse popular zaps, solve common problems, and more.

Slack has become the centerpiece of team communication for both professional and personal groups the world over. It lets you create workspaces to host chat rooms (called channels), send private messages, and share files. While Slack is generally designed for corporate teams, you can use it to organize anything more
Email users set up autoreplies when they go on vacation. Slack doesn't offer this exact feature, but there are two options that work similarly: The Status feature lets everyone know what you're up to, like an old school AIM away message. Slackbot can automatically respond to specific words or more
Emoji are core to every workflow—at least, they're core to any workflow worth having. But your company has its own unique culture, and that culture deserves its own emoji. Happily Slack makes it easy to add your own. To get started click the name of your organization followed by more
Can't quite remember that one piece of information you're confident someone told you on Slack? Try searching for it. One of Slack's key selling points is memory, the ability to look through every conversation your team has ever had. You wanting access to that history is core to the more

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