ServiceTrade Integrations

  • Create Asana tasks for new ServiceTrade deficiencies

    Use Asana's project management capabilities to manage the lifecycle of a deficiency with more in-depth tasking. Once you set up this Asana and ServiceTrade integration, new deficiencies in ServiceTrade will be added as tasks on an Asana project.

    How this ServiceTrade-Asana integration works

    1. A new deficiency is created in ServiceTrade
    2. A task is added to a project in Asana

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Asana
  • Upload new ServiceTrade attachments to Dropbox

    This ServiceTrade to Dropbox integration makes it easy for you to keep a backup copy of all your ServiceTrade attachments. Once the integration is set up, all ServiceTrade attachments will automatically be uploaded into Dropbox, so you can enjoy the benefits of online and offline storage, as well as document versioning.

    How this ServiceTrade-Dropbox integration works

    1. A new attachment is uploaded to ServiceTrade
    2. The attachment is uploaded to Dropbox

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Dropbox
  • Send Slack messages for new ServiceTrade deficiencies

    This integration is a great example of custom notifications from ServiceTrade via Slack. Slack is an internal communication tool that can turn ServiceTrade events into push notifications with the help of this integration. Now your team can get notified in Slack automatically when new deficiencies are created in ServiceTrade.

    How this ServiceTrade-Slack integration works

    1. A new deficiency is created in ServiceTrade
    2. A message is sent to a Slack channel

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Slack
  • Send emails for new ServiceTrade job comments

    With this integration you can create custom email notifications when new ServiceTrade job comments are added. This is a great way to get notified about new information in your ServiceTrade account, and, when combined with a Filter step, can be a powerful way to stay in the loop about high-priority customers and jobs.

    How this ServiceTrade-Email by Zapier integration works

    1. A new job comment is created in ServiceTrade
    2. An email is sent containing the comment information

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Email by Zapier
  • Create Wufoo entries for new ServiceTrade invoices

    Wufoo supports online forms that can accept payment details. With this integration, you can have a new payment form entery from a new ServiceTrade invoice, which can enable your technicians to bill and accept payment in the field.

    How this ServiceTrade-Wufoo integration works

    1. A new invoice is created in ServiceTrade
    2. An entry is in created in Wufoo

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Wufoo
  • Create Google Calendar events for new ServiceTrade appointments

    With this integration you can keep your ServiceTrade schedule of appointments in sync with your Google Calendar. If Google Calendar is a more convenient way to view your scheduled work, using this integration lets you combine the power of ServiceTrade with the convenience of Google Calendar.

    How this ServiceTrade-Google Calendar integration works

    1. A new ServiceTrade appointment is scheduled
    2. A Google Calendar event is created

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Google Calendar
  • Create ServiceTrade jobs from new Wufoo form entries

    A great way to engage with your customers is to have a service request form on your website. With Wufoo, you can embed a form that allows your customers to request service or alert you to a problem, and have those form submissions automatically create jobs in ServiceTrade, saving you from the inefficiency of processing requests via email and having to re-enter data.

    How this ServiceTrade-Wufoo integration works

    1. A new form entry is submitted in Wufoo
    2. A job is created in ServiceTrade

    Apps involved

    • Wufoo
    • ServiceTrade
  • Create Zendesk tickets for new ServiceTrade quotes

    Sometimes it's easier to use a helpdesk-style ticketing system like Zendesk to manage follow-up tasks and keep track of quote aging. This integration will create a new Zendesk ticket for every quote that is created in ServiceTrade. You can then assign those tickets to your sales team and leverage the power of Zendesk to ensure every ServiceTrade quote receives the attention it deserves, and no quote falls through the cracks.

    How this ServiceTrade-Zendesk integration works

    1. A quote is created in ServiceTrade
    2. A ticket is created in Zendesk

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Zendesk
  • Create ServiceTrade companies for new Pipedrive organizations

    This integration helps you keep your Pipedrive CRM organizations in sync with ServiceTrade. Each new organization in Pipedrive will trigger the creation of a Company in ServiceTrade, saving you from double-data entry.

    How this Pipedrive-ServiceTrade integration works

    1. An organization is created in Pipedrive
    2. A company is created in ServiceTrade

    Apps involved

    • Pipedrive
    • ServiceTrade
  • New Google Sheets rows for deactivated ServiceTrade locations

    It can be valuable to understand when, and by whom, ServiceTrade Locations are marked as inactive. This integration will add a new spreadsheet row to a Google Sheets document every time a Location in ServiceTrade is deactivated. You can then easily see the timestamp of when the Location was marked inactive, and user that performed the action.

    How this ServiceTrade-Google Sheets integration works

    1. ServiceTrade Location deactivated
    2. A new row is added to a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Apps involved

    • ServiceTrade
    • Google Sheets

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ServiceTrade Integration Details

Launched on Zapier March 18, 2016

Zapier combines Triggers (like "New Deficiency") and Actions (like "Update Location") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following ServiceTrade Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Update Location

Updates an existing location.

Add Attachment to Job

Add an attachment to a job.

Update Appointment

Updates an existing appointment based on a provided appointment.

Create Contact

Creates a contact.

Add Asset to Location

Adds an asset to an existing location.

Add Tag to Location

Adds a tag to an existing location.

Update Contact

Updates a contact.

Create Job

Creates a job.

Create Appointment

Creates an appointment.

Create Company

Creates a new company.

Create Location

Creates a new Location.

Update Company

Updates an existing company.

Add Tag to Job

Adds a tag to an existing job.

New Deficiency

Triggers when a new deficiency is created.

New Job

Triggers when a new job is created.

New Attachment

Triggers when a new attachment is created.

New Quote

Triggers when a new quote is created.

Updated Appointment

Triggers when an existing appointment is updated or a new appointment is created.

Updated Invoice

Triggers when an existing invoice is updated or a new invoice is created.

Updated Job

Triggers when an existing Job is updated.

Updated Quote

Triggers whenever an existing quote is updated.

New Company

Triggers when a new company is created.

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is created.

New Job Comment

Triggers when a new comment is added to a job.

Updated Location

Triggers when an existing Location is updated.

Find Company

Finds an existing customer company.

Find Location

Finds an existing customer location.

Find Contact

Finds an existing contact.

Find Job by Job Id

Find an existing Job by Job Id.

Find Job by Job Number

Finds a job by its job number.

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