RingByName Integrations

  • Save ended RingByName calls to Google Sheets

    Create an ongoing call log in Google Sheets, so you can share it with team members, sort it, and analyze it. Use this Zap to automatically add a new Google Sheets row every time a call ends in RingByName. Now you can view your data in a spreadsheet in just the format you'd like!

    *Note: Your Google Sheet worksheet must be formatted to have the corresponding columns headers. Recommended headers: Date, Contact Name, Caller ID, Type, Duration, Department, Callee Name, Caller Name

    How this RingByName-Google Sheets integration works:

    1. You complete a call in RingByName
    2. Zapier creates a new row in a Google Sheets spreadsheet

    Apps involved:

    • RingByName
    • Google Sheets
  • Add new RingByName contacts to Google Contacts

    Contact management tools are a great way to keep a single source of truth about your contacts. Use this Zap to automatically create a new Google Contact every time a new RingByName contact is created. Creating new contacts with RingByName is fast and easy and these new contacts automatically appear in your Google Contacts, so you don't have to manually transfer them yourself!

    How this RingByName - Gmail integration works:

    1. Create a new contact in RingByName
    2. Zapier creates a contact in Google Contacts

    Apps involved:

    • RingByName
    • Google Contacts
  • Save new RingByName call recordings to Google Drive

    Archive your recordings of calls and share them with stakeholders easily. Use this Zap to automatically save new RingByName call recordings to your Google Drive and make them easily accessible and shareable. Use Google Drive as a cloud storage option for large numbers of recordings, so you can store them for a long time.

    This is how RingByName – Google Drive integration works:

    1. New call recordings are created in RingByName
    2. Zapier saves those recordings in Google Drive as file

    Apps involved:

    • RingByName
    • Google Drive
  • Save new RingByName voicemails to Google Drive

    Voicemails can contain important information for your business records, so it's important to archive them. Use this Zap for new RingByName voicemail recordings to automatically be copied to Google Drive. Once on Google Drive, voicemails can be saved forever, accessed and shared easily from anywhere on any device.

    How this RingByName - Google Drive integration works:

    1. Receive a new voicemail in RingByName
    2. Zapier saves a copy of the voicemail in Google Drive

    Apps involved:

    • RingByName
    • Google Drive
  • Add new RingByName notes to Evernote

    Keep all of your notes in one place, so you can easily organize them and find them later. Use this Zap to automatically add new notes created in RingByName to Evernote. That way, you can use Evernote as your primary note management application, while still getting all the benefits of your phone service tool.

    How this RingByName-Evernote integration works:

    1. New notes are created in RingByName
    2. Zapier creates that note in Evernote

    Apps involved:

    • RingByName
    • Evernote
  • Add new Highrise contacts to RingByName as contacts

    Sharing contacts between your CRMs is helpful, so don't have to worry about incomplete information in either tool. When a user creates a new contact in Highrise, this Zap will automatically create that contact in RingByName. This allows easy contact creation in RingByName that flows from Highrise for full CRM functionality.

    How this Highrise-RingByName integration works:

    1. You create a new contact in Highrise
    2. Zapier creates a contact in RingByName

    Apps involved:

    • Highrise
    • RingByName
  • Get RingByName calls as Google Calendar events approach

    Arrive early for every meeting with this Zap. Use this integration and RingByName will automatically call you and dial you into a phone meeting as a Google Calendar event is approaching. Don't worry about fumbling around with your calendar and finding the right number to dial into.

    Note: The location of the meeting must be set as the call in phone number of the meeting

    How this Google Calender-RingByName integration works:

    1. The start time of a Google Calendar event approaches
    2. Zapier will have RingByName initiate a call to you and/or your scheduled conference

    Apps involved:

    • Google Calendar
    • RingByName
  • Send RingByName faxes for new inbound emails

    Sending faxes to your contacts is a great way to give them the documents they need right away. Use this Zap to automatically send RingByName faxes to a specific email address whenever you receive a new inbound email. You can either forward the inbound email to another recipient via fax or fax another message immediately.

    *Note: The destination fax number must be set as the subject.

    How this Email By Zapier-RingByName integration works:

    1. Email by Zapier receives a new inbound email
    2. Zapier will create an outbound fax via RingByName

    Apps involved:

    • Zapier Email
    • RingByName
  • Create notes on existing RingByName contacts when you receive new emails from them

    Keep your emails and contact lists up-to-date by integrating Gmail with RingByName. This Zap is a great way to automatically add emails you receive from prospects, customers, and colleagues to RingByName as notes under your contacts. Now your RingByName contact list will have all new emails in it - without you having to copy and paste them into RingByName!

    This is how RingByName-Gmail integration works:

    1. You receive an email via Gmail
    2. Zapier finds an existing contact in RingByName
    3. Zapier creates a note under the existing contact it just found in RingByName

    Apps involved:

    • Gmail
    • RingByName

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RingByName Integration Details

Launched on Zapier June 15, 2017

Zapier combines Triggers (like "Call Ended") and Actions (like "Create Note") to complete an action in one app when a trigger occurs in another app. These combos—called "Zaps"—complete your tasks automatically.

The following RingByName Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:

Call Ended

Triggers when a call ends.

New Contact

Triggers when a new contact is created.

New Note

Triggers when a new note is created.

New Voicemail

Triggers when a new voicemail is created.

New Fax

Triggers when a new fax is received.

New Call Recording

Triggers when a call is recorded.

New Missed Call

Triggers when a call is missed.

Create Note

Creates a note.

Create Contact

Creates a contact.

Call Number

Calls a number.

Send Fax

Sends a Fax.

Find Contact

Finds an existing contact.

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