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Then, whenever someone gets in touch via your support forms inside your app, Reamaze can pull up all of their data so you'll know as much about them as possible. Instead of having to ask if they're using your Android app, you'll see details of the app they used right below their support message. You can then reply with a quick, Markdown-formatted message, or pull in a Knowledge Base article and quote it in your reply as an easy way to answer questions consistently.

You might not even have to wait to hear back from your customer. Reamaze supports both live chat and email support, letting you support your customers in real-time if you're both online at the same time. If you need to wait, though, Reamaze's email support let you choose to send emails in plain text or to customize your email template with Liquid Markup.

Have multiple brands or apps to support? Reamaze can handle them all, thanks to its Brands settings where you can setup separate inboxes for each brand's support requests. Then, you can add workflows to automatically route support messages to the correct inbox or agent based on keywords. Emails and chats are kept separate, but you can look through them all together in Reamaze search, which will pull up messages from all of your customers and brands together. And when a new message comes in, you'll know about it immediately as Reamaze' inbox refreshes with new messages automatically as they come in.

Tweaking Reamaze to work the way you want is surprisingly easy, thanks to its real-language settings that let you fill in the blanks on sentences like "I want a contact form loaded in a lightbox" when, for example, you're tweaking the Reamaze embed form for your site. You can then manage your support messages or keep tabs on your support team right form your personal email inbox, with customizable email notifications that can notify you of all activity in your inbox, or just the messages that need your personal attention. Those and other handy features are just extra ways Reamaze helps you save time in support.

If you're looking for an easy-to-use customer support tool that will work with your site or app, Reamaze is a great new option to choose. It's easy to use, but still includes enough extra features to make handling your support queue a breeze.

Reamaze Resources:

  • Want to integrate Reamaze with your site? Check the Reamaze developer documentation to get started, or use Reamaze integrations to connect Reamaze to your apps without code.

Originally published 6 November 2015; updated 6 October 2016 with new screenshots and pricing.

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