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Create Trello cards for new bounced prospects on QuickMail

  1. When this happensStep 1: Create Card

When an email to your contacts bounces, it's important to understand why. Make sure you have the indicators you need by setting up this tracking automation: It will trigger whenever a new QuickMail email bounces, creating a new card on Trello with the details so you can follow up.

How It Works

  1. A new email bounces on QuickMail
  2. Zapier automatically creates a Trello card

What You Need

  • account
  • Trello account
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Connect + Trello in Minutes

It's easy to connect + Trello and requires absolutely zero coding experience—the only limit is your own imagination.

All Triggers & Actions

InstantNew Bounce

Triggers when an email comes back as a bounce.

InstantNew Click

Triggers when a prospect clicks on a link.

InstantNew Open

Triggers when a prospect opens an email.

InstantUpdate Tag

Triggers when a prospect tag is set or unset.

InstantNew Unsubscribe

Trigger when a prospect clicks on an unsubscribe link.

InstantNew Checkpoint Reached

Triggers when a prospect reached a checkpoint in the journey.

InstantNew Journey Completed

Trigger when a prospect has no more steps to execute in the journey.

InstantNew Reply

Triggers when a prospect replies to you.

InstantNew Task

Trigger when a task is created.

New Board

Triggers when a new board is added.