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Once you've imported your spreadsheet or setup your database, there's little more you'll need to do to start using your new app. QuickBase will have made a form to enter new items in your database automatically, and you can see each of the items you add in your app's default dashboard—and if you imported a pre-made app from the Exchange, you might have even more features automatically. You can dive right in, start using your app for real work, and then add more features as you need them.

For those extra features, the first place you'll want to look is the Customize link in your app's dashboard. There, you can add reports, charts, text, buttons, search boxes, and even embed a webpage into your app. You can add extra pages if you want, tweak how your data's displayed, and more. Then, you can jump over to the Users button in the top of QuickBase's navigation to tweak what parts of your apps can be seen by others on your team. That way, you can let the team members who need to add and/or view data have access to the data and tools they need—and you don't have to worry about the rest of your data getting in the wrong hands.

Your new tool will be a nice addition to your workflow, but on their own they may still feel limited. But they don't have to stay that way. From the QuickBase extensions page, you can install add-ons to your new app to show locations on a Google Maps, integrate document signatures and file uploads, and more. And, you can use QuickBase's mobile apps to add and view data on the go.

Designing your own in-house tools can be a prohibitively expensive and difficult endeavor, but for most tools you need, there's little reason to actually hand-code the full app. Instead, with tools like QuickBase, you can pull together the specific features you need in an hour or less, and get back to work on the things your team's best at doing.

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