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Connect Prefinery to 1,500+ Apps

  • Create Intercom users from new Prefinery users

    Prefinery + Intercom

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  • Send Slack messages when new Prefinery users are created

    Prefinery + Slack

  • Create Prefinery testers from new submissions on Gravity Forms

    Gravity Forms + Prefinery

  • Create Highrise contacts from Prefinery testers

    Prefinery + Highrise

  • Create Prefinery testers from new WordPress comments

    WordPress + Prefinery

Prefinery Integration Details

Launched on Zapier:

The following Prefinery Triggers, Searches, and Actions are supported by Zapier:


InstantUser Applied

Triggered when a user applies.

InstantUser Unsubscribed

Triggered when a user unsubscribes from receiving emails.

InstantUser Activated

Triggered when a user is activated.

InstantUser Rejected

Triggered when a user is rejected.

InstantUser Suspended

Triggered when a user is suspended.

InstantUser Created

Triggered when a new user is created, irrespective of their status.

InstantUser Updated

Triggered when a user is updated or modified. For example, when they change status or their profile is modified.

InstantUser Invited

Triggered when a user is invited.

InstantUser Resubscribed

Triggered when a user re-subscribes to receive emails.

InstantUser Unconfirmed

Triggered when a user applies and is pending opt-in confirmation.


Create User

Creates a new user.

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