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In addition to having hundreds of apps from Podio's marketplace at your fingertips, you can also create your own apps if what you need doesn't exist. The tools are easy to use and come in a drag-and-drop interface. That option to design exactly what you need really make it an impressive service.

Once you add or create the apps you need, all the action that occurs in those apps can show up in a social network-like feed and is available from a global search interface. You'll never lose anything in your business again.

Many of the apps in Podio are less full-featured than their stand-alone competitors. But with standalone apps, you can't always customize the add-ons or add missing features you may need, the way you can in Podio. As long as Podio supports a feature, you can add it to your app. For example, you could add a new field to Podio's CRM app or change the way a budget app calculates trip expenses. And since everything shares the same UI, it's easy for your team to learn how to use new apps you roll out.

Podio can be whatever you want it to be, but perhaps its best use case is as the central place where everyone in an organization keeps up with what's happening. The extent to which you use it is just as flexible as the tool itself. You could use it for everything from team chat and expense tracking to CRM and project management, or you could just rely on it as the place that tracks what's going on everywhere, inside Podio and in all your other apps.

If Podio becomes your central source of information, you can use Zapier to push activity updates and other alerts from all the other apps your organization uses into Podio.

If you're looking for a way to pull all the stuff your team or company does into one place, give Podio a try. It's the intranet reborn for the cloud, with enough apps to let you do almost anything.

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Podio Pricing

  • Free for up to 5 people

  • $9/month per person Basic plan for for basic features, private workspaces and user management

  • $14/month per person Plus plan for read-only access, workflows, and personal support

  • $24/month per person Premium plan with report visualization and personalized training

Podio Features

  • Install pre-built apps from Podio's marketplace to customize what your account can do

  • Create your own apps using included tools

  • Connect with colleagues via internal social network and chat

  • Workspaces to split out groups to work together with specific apps

  • Search across apps, workspaces, and messages together

  • Integrate with other Citrix apps

  • Native apps for iOS and Android

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