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Integrate Google Calendar with Pipeliner Cloud

Google Calendar

Calendar +1Calendar, Google
Integrate Asana with Pipeliner Cloud


Project Management
Integrate Mailchimp with Pipeliner Cloud


Email Newsletters
Integrate JustCall with Pipeliner Cloud


Phone & SMS
Integrate Gmail with Pipeliner Cloud


Email +1Email, Google
Integrate Facebook Lead Ads with Pipeliner Cloud

Facebook Lead Ads

Ads & Conversion +2Ads & Conversion, Facebook, Premium
Integrate Google Drive with Pipeliner Cloud

Google Drive

File Management & Storage +1File Management & Storage, Google
Integrate Cognito Forms with Pipeliner Cloud

Cognito Forms

Forms & Surveys
Integrate Formsite with Pipeliner Cloud


Forms & Surveys
Integrate Constant Contact with Pipeliner Cloud

Constant Contact

Email Newsletters
Integrate Salesmsg with Pipeliner Cloud


Phone & SMS
Integrate Google Sheets with Pipeliner Cloud

Google Sheets

Google +1Google, Spreadsheets
Integrate Microsoft Excel with Pipeliner Cloud

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft +1Microsoft, Spreadsheets
Integrate Ninja Forms with Pipeliner Cloud

Ninja Forms

Forms & Surveys +1Forms & Surveys, WordPress
Integrate SharpSpring with Pipeliner Cloud


Marketing Automation
Integrate POWR Form Builder with Pipeliner Cloud

POWR Form Builder

Integrate Proof with Pipeliner Cloud


Marketing Automation
Integrate BigCommerce with Pipeliner Cloud


eCommerce +1eCommerce, Premium
Integrate Leadfeeder with Pipeliner Cloud


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Pipedrive with Pipeliner Cloud


CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
Integrate Direct Mail with Pipeliner Cloud

Direct Mail

Email Newsletters

Connect Pipeliner Cloud to 2,000+ Apps

    Pipeliner Cloud Integration Details

    The following Pipeliner Cloud Triggers, Searches, Filters, and Actions are supported by Zapier:



    Create Account

    Create a new Account.

    Create Opportunity

    Create a new Opportunity.

    Create Lead

    Create a new Lead.

    Update Account

    Update an existing Account.

    Update Contact

    Update an existing Contact.

    Update Opportunity

    Update an existing Opportunity.

    Create Contact

    Create a new Contact.

    Create Appointment

    Create a new Appointment.

    Create Task

    Create a new Task.

    Update Appointment

    Update an existing Appointment.

    Update Lead

    Update an existing Lead.

    Update Task

    Update an existing Task.


    Find Account

    Find an existing Account. Optionally, create one if Account is not found.

    Find Opportunity

    Find an existing Opportunity. Optionally, create one if Opportunity is not found.

    Find Owner

    Find an existing Owner.

    Find Task

    Find an existing Task. Optionally, create one if Task is not found.

    Search or Create Appointment

    this is the description.

    Search or Create Lead

    this is the description.

    Search or Create Task

    this is the description.

    Find Contact

    Find an existing Contact. Optionally, create one if Contact is not found.

    Find Appointment

    Find an existing Appointment. Optionally, create one if Appointment is not found.

    Find Lead

    Find an existing Lead. Optionally, create one if Lead is not found.

    Search or Create Account

    this is the description.

    Search or Create Contact

    this is the description.

    Search or Create Opportunity

    this is the description.

    Connect Pipeliner Cloud to 2,000+ Apps